who will you sponsor to lead the future of NATO?

who will you sponsor to lead the future of NATO?

NATO’s importance has multiplied in recent times. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put the Atlantic Alliance in the limelight again, and its leadership has become one of the most sought-after positions. The current Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, completes his term of office this year, which has been lengthened by the war, and the search is on for a new leader. replacement for him or her who must also have the validity of the de facto leader of the organization: United States.

Thus, the Norwegian leader and the U.S. president, Joe Biden, already seem to have activated the process with an eye to. the Vilnius summit on 11 and 12 July nextby which time the name should perhaps have been chosen. The list is getting shorter and the rumors are already going almost against the clock.

The sources consulted by 20minutos target the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutteas a name with a lot of potential, especially from to have strengthened precisely the relationship between the Netherlands and the White House. as a result of a common competition in the semiconductor sector vis-à-vis China. Amsterdam followed Washington’s policies to curb the Asian giant’s development in this area. Rutte is also one of the longest-serving European leaders in office, since 2010, sharing a table with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.


However, there is one name that sounds more strongly and that is Mette Frederiksen.. One of the premises is that a woman should be the next in command of NATO, and the Danish Prime Minister has many supporters. Last December she inaugurated a new government in coalition with moderates and liberals, after having shared the cabinet with left-wing partners during the last legislature.

One of the first measures announced by the Executive was the increase in Defense spending and, in addition, Denmark entered just a year ago into the European Union’s common defense policy, breaking with an exit clause that for the last 30 years kept the country out of EU military missions and programs. If Frederiksen is elected, this would complete three consecutive terms with Nordic nationals in office: Denmark’s Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Jens Stoltenberg and Frederiksen herself.

Who also wants to make the leap to the Atlantic Alliance is Ben Wallace.. The UK Defense Minister is looking to gain momentum thanks to his country’s huge support for Ukraine, and he has good press in the Alliance headquarters, but the British political instability of recent times is not an element that goes in his favor. His name sounds more for the weight of London than for his own profile.

With these names, to which are added, with less noise, those of Pedro SanchezEstonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas or former Finnish prime minister, Sanna Marin -which aims to make the leap to the EU- the positions of the countries are beginning to be seen. The newspaper Politico assures that Wallace’s name is disliked in Brussels because the 27 want the Alliance to be led by a person directly linked to one of the member states. of the EU, something that would elevate Frederiksen (but also other profiles if necessary). In addition, the United States seems to be putting another condition on the table: that it be a former prime minister, which would also rule out the British.

Ramzan Kadyrov, president of the Russian republic of Chechnya.

The United States has to give the most important blessing, but it is not the only one given value in the election. The Turkey factor then comes into play. The situation with the country right now in the Alliance – as Ankara is blocking Sweden’s accession – makes its weight decisive, so it will also have to validate Stoltenberg’s replacement, with a special voice. Vilnius will decide in just one month’s time.

Kayleigh Williams