Twitter office in the U.S. faces eviction for non-payment of rent

Twitter office in the U.S. faces eviction for non-payment of rent

A U.S. judge has authorized Twitter’s eviction from its Boulder, Colorado, offices for. non-payment of rent to the owner of the premises, as reported Wednesday by local newspaper The Denver Post.

The landlord, who has been unpaid rent since March, reported Twitter in May and the judge has issued an order for the police to to assist him in the eviction before the end of July, according to court documents cited by the media.

In February 2020, Twitter signed a lease with the landlord and handed him a credit facility of $968,000. to cover monthly payments going forward, but that money ran out in March and the company has not caught up on its duties, he adds.

The legacy checks were to go away on April 1, but finally did so yesterday afternoon, April 20.

This is not Twitter’s only problem at its Boulder offices, as a cleaning company has also reported it for non-payment and is claiming almost $100,000.

The tech has undergone drastic changes in recent months under its new owner, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, including the layoffs of much of its workforce..

TechCrunch media reports that Twitter’s Boulder office has even worked up to 300 employeesbut between layoffs and resignations that figure has apparently fallen to less than half.

Kayleigh Williams