Trump returns to New Jersey, but first makes a stop at a coffee shop where they sing happy birthday to him and pray for him

Trump returns to New Jersey, but first makes a stop at a coffee shop where they sing happy birthday to him and pray for him

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has returned to New Jersey after being booked and indicted Tuesday in a Miami federal court on charges related to the retention of classified documents at his Florida mansion, an indictment on which he pleaded “not guilty.”

Before heading to Miami International Airport, Trump stopped by well-known Cuban cafe in the Little Havana neighborhood.where he was greeted by dozens of followers and journalists who captured the moment in which sang happy birthday to the former president, who turns 77 years old this Wednesday.

At least some 200 people were at the Café Versaillesan iconic Cuban exile place in Miami, where a prayer was said for the former president, who did not eat anything during his brief stay there.

Shortly after, Trump has boarded his plane bound for Bedminster, New Jersey.where tonight he is scheduled to attend a fundraising event for his campaign to become the Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

Trump has been in Miami since Monday

The former president arrived in Miami on Monday afternoon. and immediately went to a hotel he owns in Doral, where he spent the night and from where he left for the downtown building that houses the federal courts.

“Certainly we plead not guilty.”said Tuesday Todd Blanche, Trump’s lawyerduring the first hearing, which lasted less than an hour, of this judicial process for which he faces 37 federal charges.

Trump, the first president and former president in the history of the United States in face federal indictmentwas booked with fingerprinting and photography and then appeared before federal judge Jonathan Goodman.

The full reading of the 37 counts was never held. charged by a Grand Jury for handling classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, his South Florida mansion, after he left the White House, because his lawyers said it was not necessary, since they already knew about them.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump.

On their way out of court, dozens of supporters greeted the former president with banners.while a demonstrator in prison garb who stood in front of the procession was reduced by the local police.

Waltine Nautaa Trump aide, who is also a defendant in the same case, was not arraigned this Monday because he did not have a lawyer. who could represent him in this court and a new hearing was scheduled for June 27 before Judge Edwin Torres.

The former president attributed the accusation led by special prosecutor Jack Smith to a “great witch hunt” launched by the current US president, Democrat Joe Biden, and which responds to a campaign of “electoral interference”, as he reiterated in his social network Truth.

Of the 37 charges to which Trump must respond, 31 pertain to the crime categorized as willful withholding of national defense information.according to the document containing the indictment.

Kayleigh Williams