Living without Internet? This small population rejects cell phones, electricity and television.

Living without Internet? This small population rejects cell phones, electricity and television.

The amish are a religious and Protestant group inhabiting certain areas of the United States and Canada, and are. well known that the strictest do not use electricity or automobiles because they farm with hand tools and travel by horseback.

These communities are related to a simple lifestyle, reject technology out of respect for tradition, and are really slow to adopt new things-keeping in mind that in contemporary society, our default value is to say ‘yes’ to new things, and in Old Order Amish societies, the default value is ‘no’-.

We could say that living without electricity eliminates most of modern society, because no power means no internet, no television, and no telephones, so suddenly life smish contrasts with our complex technological lives.

5G-IoT services will be compatible with the officially defined standard.

Amish can’t use cell phone because it’s “impolite”

As we mentioned at the beginning of the news item, the amish reject almost all technology because they only use it when it is necessary, and Wired says that it is “impolite” to use a cell phone.. On the other hand, Kevin Kelly pointed out in an article that the aim of the amish is not to remain in the seventeenth century by not incorporating technological advances in day-to-day life, because want to strengthen and preserve the traditions of the community..

Also, in case you didn’t know, during the first third of the twentieth century, many communities. Amish rejected electricity, telephone, and radio for exactly the same thing: for making the members’ tradition remote from the rest of society.

For many of these children it is a luxury to be able to buy lunch.

Why do they reject technology?

Youssef Khaoulani Menjour (technical support in Microserver Group) points out that “the amish do not reject technology or the modern world per se, they just reject ‘mundane technologies’ that do not serve to do productive work. for the community.”

Dislike aside, these people use “electricity and even temporarily install modern machinery for vital needs.” In addition, employ dairies with refrigerators, farms with computer-controlled technology and compressed air-powered electric devices to replace batteries.

On the other hand, those objects that became obsolete were credit cards and cellular phones. The first product mentioned, although it came to be used quite a lot, was eventually rejected when they saw that it generated problems of expenses and indebtedness. Meanwhile, communities used to have community telephones in isolated booths to make calls, but if we go into today’s cell phones, these devices are a case apart because they do not respect tradition – for this reason they are not introduced into society. amish-.

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Kayleigh Williams