FIFA adjusts World Cup rewards, over 250,000 euros per player who wins final

FIFA adjusts World Cup rewards, over 250,000 euros per player who wins final
America’s Alex Morgan with the 2019 World Cup

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World soccer federation FIFA has come up with a new remuneration system shortly before the Women’s World Cup. Not only is money on the line for participating soccer associations and teams, from now on soccer players will also be paid individually. With this, FIFA hopes to develop women’s soccer even further.

What amount of money is involved? Players who participate in the group stage will receive 30,000 U.S. dollars each, or almost 28,000 euros. That amount continues to increase during the tournament.

The players of the eventual world champion will receive 270,000 US dollars (over 250,000 euros) each. For the federation of the winning country, 4,290,000 US dollars (almost 4 million euros) is waiting.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino is proud. “Under this unprecedented new model, every individual player at the World Cup can now count on full compensation.”

Men versus women

The FIFA decision comes after there has been much discussion in recent years about equal pay for men and women.

A group of 150 professional soccer players sent a letter in October calling on FIFA to pay out the same prize money at the Women’s World Cup as for men.

The Argentine soccer federation received 40 million euros after the men won the World Cup in Qatar in late December. The men’s total prize pool was just under 440 million euros. At the last women’s World Cup in 2019, the Americans received about 4 million euros, from a prize pool of 30 million euros.

In that respect, the rewards for women are far from equal to those of the men.

Gianni Infantino

Still, Infantino is upbeat. “The global salary of female professional soccer players is about $14,000 a year, so the amounts allocated at the World Cup will have a real and meaningful impact on the lives and careers of these players.”

The World Cup in Australia and New Zealand begins July 20, with the final in Sydney on Aug. 20. The Netherlands has qualified for the final tournament.

Kayleigh Williams