Two New York airports delayed due to smoke from fires in Canada

Two New York airports delayed due to smoke from fires in Canada

New York’s LaGuardia and Newark airports. in neighboring New Jersey are suffering significant delays due to low visibility caused by the heavy smoke coming from the north and caused by the wave of fires in Canada.

According to the page, 37% of flights were delayed this wednesday due to depart from LaGuardia (averaging 2 hours late), and 17% for Newark (82 minutes late); there have also been some cancellations (19 at LaGuardia and 15 at Newark).

The Federal Aviation Authority has indicated that the reason is low visibility at both airports, a phenomenon that is also affecting, although to a lesser extent, Philadelphia, located in the same East Coast region.

Interestingly, the largest airport on the East Coast, New York’s JFK, appears to be operating normally. and does not appear on any incident list.

Canada, Toronto’s airport is also experiencing delays. 18% of its flights.

Air quality alert due to wildfires raging in Canada spread Wednesday across several northeastern U.S. states, reaching as far as the U.S. capital.

Several states are affected by haze caused by smoke, which has prompted authorities to alert citizens of “hazardous” air conditions and to call for limiting outdoor activities.

One of the most affected cities is New Yorkwhere poor air quality is expected to persist for days, and where the Commissioner of Health and Sanitation asked citizens not to go out on the streets unless “absolutely necessary” and recommended the use of face masks, such as N95, for those who have to engage in outdoor activities.

Biden calls for protection from smoke

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, made this Wednesday. an appeal to all citizens of the areas affected by the smoke from the wildfires in Canada, to protect themselves from polluted air and listen to the recommendations of the authorities.

“It is crucial that Americans who are experiencing dangerous air pollution, especially those with any illness, listen to local authorities and protect themselves. themselves and their families,” Biden said in a Twitter message.

In addition, after reporting the sending 600 firefighters, support personnel and equipment to Canada. to assist in extinguishing the fires, Biden stressed that the federal government is “in direct contact” with state and local officials to give them the support they need.

Kayleigh Williams