First 3D printed hotel to become a reality in 2024

First 3D printed hotel to become a reality in 2024

The technology of the 3D printing we are increasingly surprised: in 2024, construction will begin on none other than the first 3D printed hotelThe hotel will be the first 3D printed hotel, and all its structures will be built with this technique. The accommodation will be located in the state of TexasThe project is a revolution in the architectural sector.

Organic forms and desert colors.

The architectural studio BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) has done it again. This firm is behind some of the best-known contemporary buildings in the world, which can be found in every corner of the planet, from Denmark to Japan, through France, Norway…

Rendering of the El Cosmico swimming pool.
Rendering of the swimming pool El Cosmico.

Now the studio has another project on its hands that would add to its work in the United States: a hotel built entirely with 3D printing. In this way, the lodging will feature large-scale printed structures “including the domes, arches, vaults and parabolic forms.“, they point out from BIG’s own website.

Cardona Castle.

Guests can also enjoy a swimming poola spa and other common spaces. In addition, this curious hotel will sit on a 25-hectare plot of land in the middle of the desertnext to the city of Marfa (Texas). As for the rooms, they will be two-, three- or four-bedroom dwellings. All designed with organic forms, circular Euclidean geometries and a color palette born of the local earth.

Rendering of a room of El Cosmico.
Rendering of a room of El Cosmico.

A dream for 2024

This revolutionary project is born from the collaboration between BIG, ICON (the ‘startup’ in charge of 3D printing) and hotelier Liz Lambert. The goal is to “reimagine the nomadic camping hotel”. The Cosmic” a bohemian-style lodge with trailers, yurts, tents and teepees. The new El Cosmico hotel will begin construction in 2024 and will continue to “celebrate the convergence of creative culture and the minimalist natural environment of Marfa’s landscape,” they explain.

Royal Abbey of Fontevraud.

On the other hand, as Bjarke Ingels, founder and creative director of BIG, points out, the collaboration with El Cosmico and ICON has allowed them to “reach the formal and material possibilities of avant-garde 3D printed constructions, without the conventional constraints of a site or client“.

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Kayleigh Williams