Bomb under much-discussed Super League: ‘Juventus steps out of project’

Bomb under much-discussed Super League: ‘Juventus steps out of project’
Federico Chiesa (Juventus)

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Juventus has placed a bomb under the much-discussed and controversial Super League. The Italian soccer club has dropped out of the ambitious project. Juventus has made that known to Real Madrid and Barcelona, the only two other remaining participants in the initiative. So reports Spanish news agency EFE.

Juventus revealed in an official response that it is all not yet final. “We have not stepped out,” the Italian club said. Juventus did confirm that talks are underway about a possible Super League exit. “But those have not yet been finalized.”

The Super League was created in April 2021, by 12 European clubs. They wanted to set up their own league outside the European Football Association UEFA, to have more certainty about their participation and revenues.

In almost all European countries and among many supporters, the plan met with great resistance. Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid still believed in the plan despite all the protests.

Financial malfeasance

Juventus is in dire straits: the club was severely punished earlier this season for financial malfeasance. The deduction of points caused qualification for the Champions League to be missed.

Kayleigh Williams