Footballer Promes allegedly had steering role in smuggling cocaine to Antwerp port, according to prosecutor

Footballer Promes allegedly had steering role in smuggling cocaine to Antwerp port, according to prosecutor
Quincy Promes

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Quincy Promes had a “steering role” in the smuggling of two consignments of cocaine that entered the port of Antwerp in 2020. So says the Public Prosecutor’s Office based on the investigation against the footballer for involvement in international drug trafficking.

The case came up in a pre-trial hearing today at the court in Amsterdam. Promes is also on trial there for assaulting a cousin at a family party. That matter will be dealt with substantively later this month. The prosecution demands a two-year prison sentence for that.

Investment 75,000 euros

The police’s Criminal Intelligence Team received information in 2018 that the footballer had allegedly invested money in cocaine trafficking. Specifically, the police could not do anything with that, but then it became clear that the former Ajax player would have had contacts in the drug world, possibly possessed weapons and was in possession of a PGP phone that could be used to send encrypted messages. The police then obtained permission to tap his phone.

The investigation revealed, according to the prosecution, that Promes was involved in the smuggling of two batches of cocaine that arrived at the port of Antwerp in January 2020 divided into five containers. The footballer allegedly invested 75,000 euros in these batches.

“One cargo was lost because it was seized by Belgian customs. We suspect that the other cargo entered the market,” a press officer said after the hearing.


Chats in which the police could read along allegedly show Promes giving instructions to the persons who were to remove the cocaine from the containers. Instructions such as, “Guys, come on to work. Keep us informed”. An address was also given where the cocaine was to be unloaded.

When Promes found out that a batch had been seized, a co-accused allegedly said to him, “Shit man. So half is safe, hazard of the trade.”

The soccer player was not there today, as in previous sessions. He is in Russia, playing soccer for Spartak Moscow. His lawyers informed that their client says he has nothing to do with drug smuggling. They want to be able to take a closer look at the chats, in part to determine whether Promes is mistaken for someone else.

Abusive cousin

As police tapped Promes’ phone, suspicions also arose that he had stabbed a cousin in the knee at a family party in 2020. He allegedly incriminated himself in several phone calls shortly after the stabbing. Those calls were tapped by investigators.

The court will rule on the stabbing case Monday, June 19. Promes does not have to be there himself. The prosecution demands a two-year prison sentence.

The cocaine smuggling case will continue on Aug. 11. According to his lawyers, Promes plans to come to the Netherlands for the substantive hearing of the case. “In principle, he wants to take responsibility,” he said.

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