Emmen starts nacompetition with win over NAC, but incurs unnecessary counter goal

Emmen starts nacompetition with win over NAC, but incurs unnecessary counter goal
Lorenzo Burnet celebrates hit

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FC Emmen started strongly in the nacompetition. In the semifinals, NAC Breda, which has made a strong impression in the first division in recent months, was beaten 2-1 by the number sixteen of the premier league.

Of the last eighteen premier league clubs in the playoffs for promotion and relegation, only three managed to stay at the highest level. For example, NAC already eliminated Emmen once in 2021.

Yet Emmen coach Dick Lukkien was undeterred prior to tonight’s game. A week and a half back, the club from Drenthe already knew it had to play nacompetition. “We have been able to take the rap for a while. Many clubs go there with a negative feeling, I see this match as a challenge,” Lukkien said.

Emmen not afraid

Lukkien’s selection seemed to have listened intently to the optimistic coach. In a full Rat Verlegh Stadion, Emmen started convincingly and was immediately close to the opening goal with Jari Vlak.

A deflected shot landed at Vlak’s feet via the bobbin. He turned free in front of the enemy goal, but stranded on Pepijn van de Merbel, the 21-year-old goalkeeper who replaced Roy Kortsmit after his red card in the previous playoff game with MVV.

Fifteen minutes later, the goalie was hopeless. Again Vlak appeared dangerous. He combined with Mark Diemers and crossed low and hard to the free Lorenzo Burnet. The left-winger took the ball and shot hard: 0-1.

Ole Romeny benefits from error of judgement by Pepijn van de Merbel

Five minutes before halftime, Emmen doubled the score: a free kick by Diemers was misjudged by Van de Merbel. Club top scorer Ole Romeny took advantage and headed in.

Except for a header by Jort van der Sande, NAC played a weak first half. NAC coach Peter Hyballa made several changes after halftime: strikers Charles-Jesaja Herrmann and Odysseus Velanas came into the field.

Closing goal

Despite this impetus, NAC managed to do little. Although they were looking for more attack, they did not really get dangerous in front of Mickey van der Hart’s goal. Emmen cherished the lead.

In the closing stages NAC tried to create danger mainly with distance shots. And that led to a chance goal in the absolute closing stages: a directional shot by Aimé Ntsama Omgba went in.

The team from Breda posed no more danger. Saturday night is the return game and NAC travels to Drenthe.

Kayleigh Williams