The PSOE has already put forward Sanchez as the “only dike of containment” to stop the “ultraconservative wave” from Hungary and the US.

The PSOE has already put forward Sanchez as the “only dike of containment” to stop the “ultraconservative wave” from Hungary and the US.

The PSOE returns to 2019. Pedro Sánchez ran in the elections then whipping up fear of Vox. He won them. And now the Socialists are once again presenting him as the only “dike of containment” to stop the “ultraconservative wave” which, they argue, has already reached countries such as Hungary, the United States, Brazil or Italy and which they hope to stop at the polls next July 23, in the electoral advance with which the President of the Government reacted to the Socialist defeat last Sunday, which entailed a great loss of municipal and autonomic power.

“In different countries, Brazil, Hungary, USA and Italy, there is already an ultra-conservative wave”, warned Pilar Alegría, PSOE spokesperson and Minister of Education. In her first interview in TVE after the election results were known –Sánchez did not admit questions on Monday and the minister did not admit questions on Sunday either-, Alegría has assured that “there is only one option to make containment dike” to that wave: the PSOE, which is presented to “continue developing progressive policies that look to the citizens of this country”.

At this point, the holder of Education has also alluded to that “ultraconservative wave” to warn the parties of her left. That is to say, to Sumar and Unidas Podemos, that have nine days to resolve their differences and to go together. Without mentioning them directly, he did ask them to “reflect” and assured that it is “important” that they have “responsibility and unity”. However, Alegría did not refer to the possibility of re-editing the coalition government -the PSOE “goes out to win”, he said-, although he did refer to the measures they have taken during the last three and a half years.

The second vice-president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, and the leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra.

“There have been more than 200 laws,” she recalled. Plus a few others that will decay after today’s publication of the decree calling for elections. This is the case of the family law, the parity law or the mental health law. To the question of whether it is a “warning to navigators or if the PSOE thinks that if it is not in the Government these norms will not be approved”, the socialist spokeswoman has answered that the PSOE’s disposition is to win in order to get them out definitively. She has also mentioned another of the great trump cards with which they will ask for the vote, which is the good progress of the Spanish economy. “Inflation a year ago was 11 points and now it is 3”, he said, before asking himself if the only trump card of the PP is “to repeal ‘sanchismo'”.“.

“Analyzing” the results

The minister, who has confirmed that she knew the president’s decision when he communicated it to the rest of the citizenship, has assured that the party is still “analyzing” Sunday’s results. And she insisted that the president and the party are “in charge” of the defeat, without going into the possible causes. In addition, he recalled that in “not a few autonomous regions” the PSOE has increased in votes -see Extremadura, the Valencian Community or the Canary Islands-, but will “foreseeably” remain in the opposition. In those cases, because the rest of the left-wing parties do not add up.

Kayleigh Williams