Will top scorer Simons stay at PSV? ‘Can’t give any guarantees, many factors play a role’

Will top scorer Simons stay at PSV? ‘Can’t give any guarantees, many factors play a role’
Xavi Simons smiles

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Xavi Simons was one of the standouts of the regular soccer season. But will the top scorer play in Eindhoven next season? “My priority is with PSV. In the summer I have talks.”

Simons said several factors will come into play. “We will see what happens. I have a lot of confidence in this club and in the people around me,” said the striker, who scored twice today against AZ (2-1).

The 20-year-old Simons signed a contract until 2027 with PSV last summer. However, that commitment included a clause that his former employer Paris Saint-Germain could bring him back for 12 million euros. Simons says he wants to enjoy himself first and decide on his future after the international period.

Interest other clubs

Simons, despite everything that happened at PSV, speaks of a “dream season.” So he himself knows there will be interest from other clubs for him. “I’m happy, but can’t say what will happen in the summer,” he said.

The PSV player became premier league top scorer together with Utrecht striker Tasos Douvikas with 19 goals. He says coach Ruud van Nistelrooij, who quit PSV earlier this week, has been important to him. “His departure was a blow. I will always be grateful to him.”

Simons after ‘dream season’ and Van Nistelrooij departure: ‘Hard blow’

These statements are not consistent with the news that Simons along with several fellow players were not satisfied with Van Nistelrooij. Simons says he regrets that he was named as one of the causers of the coach’s departure.

In any case, Van Nistelrooij’s exit does not make Simons want to leave the club right away. “I have confidence that the club will sort things out,” he said.

Fred Rutten, who replaced Van Nistelrooij as coach against AZ, finds it difficult to say what is the wisest thing for “professional” and “exceptional talent” Simons. “He has the potential to play in the top of Europe,” he said.

“You never know what’s best for him. That’s coffee-gazing…,” continued Rutten, who thinks Simons will easily adapt to a higher level. At the same time, he also thinks it will be good for Simons to have to carry the team in the spotlight at PSV. “It’s dual.”

App contact with Van Nistelrooij

The coach, who was Van Nistelrooij’s assistant coach until Wednesday, had app contact with the resigned head coach earlier this week. “About the content I am absolutely not going to say anything,” he said.

According to Rutten, calling did not make much sense. “That didn’t seem wise to me. It’s better to let people calm down.” The 60-year-old coach stressed that the situation is not fun for anyone. “It is for everyone k…”

Van Nistelrooij replacement Rutten wants to become head coach again: ‘It itches’

Rutten, who he says had a discussion point with Van Nistelrooij a little too often, balks at not being able to prevent the sudden departure. “He was ahead of me. I’m not saying I could have stopped it, but I would have made an effort.”

It was clear to Rutten, however, that he did not want to continue on the same footing for a season. “At some point some hairline cracks appear. I know myself and knew I didn’t want to do this to myself again next year.”

Rutten, who therefore announced earlier that he is leaving PSV after this season, does not want to rule out the possibility that he will still be on the bench at the Eindhoven side next year. “Everything I say takes on a life of its own,” the coach said.

He is clearer about his ambitions, though. Rutten would prefer to become head coach. “But, if conclusions are drawn from that that I will become head coach somewhere…. I don’t know.”

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