Biden confirms debt ceiling deal ready for vote in Congress

Biden confirms debt ceiling deal ready for vote in Congress

A bipartisan agreement Is on the horizon in the United States. U.S. President, Joe Bidenconfirmed this Sunday that he has reached a definitive agreement to raise the debt ceiling with the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthyand that the text is ready to be voted on in Congress.

“The agreement represents a compromise and this means that no one has everything they want, but that is the responsibility of governing,” the president said at a press conference in which he called on the two chambers to approve the rule that will prevent the United States from going into default.

“I strongly urge both chambers to approve that agreement. Let us continue to move forward in fulfilling our obligations and in building the world’s strongest economy“, Biden has stated at the White House.

U.S. President Joe Biden with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (left) and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm at the White House.

Although not many details of the agreement are knownthe Democrat has explained that it has been reached after making some concessions on the budget but that in no case has he given “much”.

Thus, asked about the risk that progressive lawmakers think that too many concessions have been made Biden has replied, “You will see how I have not.”

The president said he believes that the republicans have negotiated “in good faith.” and that he is convinced McCarthy has enough support in his party to pass the bill. “Otherwise, I don’t think we would have gotten the agreement,” he said.

Through a message on social networks. Biden has detailed that the agreement protects his government’s priorities and achievements, rejects “extreme cutbacks”. in programs for veterans, seniors and vulnerable families; protects Social Security and its Medicare and Medicaid programs; and maintains the program for student debt relief for 40 million people.

Legislators and senators will now have a few days to read the bill, which Will first be voted on in the House of Representatives next Wednesday, May 31.five days before the date announced by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as the deadline to go into receivership.

Kayleigh Williams