‘Punish countries and clubs with points deduction’

‘Punish countries and clubs with points deduction’
Clarence Seedorf

NOS Soccer

“It shows the soccer world that nothing has changed in all these years and a lot still needs to be done.”

“Fines in themselves do work, but when countries and clubs lose points that cause them to miss out on a World Cup or European Championship or maybe get relegated, it will have much more impact. Points are deducted when financial rules are broken, but this is much more important.”

So many times

Vinícius became a target of racism for the umpteenth time last Sunday. “It wasn’t the first time, or the second or the third. Racism is normal in LaLiga,” the Brazilian revealed on Instagram and Twitter after the game with Valencia.

“The competition thinks it’s normal, so does the federation, and the opponents encourage it.”

Real ‘no longer tolerates racism toward players’, arrests in Vinícius case

According to Seedorf, now is the time for action. “Racism is everywhere. Also in federations, coaching and management. Vinícius needs to know that this is not just his fight, this is a fight of the entire soccer community.”

“One solution could also be to invest in technology that allows the identification of attendees at a soccer game before, during and after the game. It should be easy these days to be able to identify people who misbehave.”

“It’s not enough to hang banners that say ‘Respect’ and ‘No to racism.’ I’ve never really believed in that as the only solution to such a big social problem.”

Kayleigh Williams