Nine AZ supporters detained for rioting at AFAS Stadium

Nine AZ supporters detained for rioting at AFAS Stadium
Riots in the stands at the AFAS Stadium after the conclusion of the Conference League between AZ and West Ham United

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Police have arrested eleven AZ supporters for rioting at the AFAS Stadium. Nine of them are suspected of open assault. Several men are also suspected of vandalism and aggravated assault with premeditation. The other two men have been released.

Following the broadcast of Detection Wanted last night, four men turned themselves in at the police station. They were all arrested and are still in custody.

Before the broadcast, police had already arrested seven people. Three of them had turned themselves in after police warned that they would be shown recognizable on national television. The broadcast showed footage of rioting supporters who had not turned themselves in. The men still detained are from the Alkmaar area and are between 30 and 50 years old.

Forty tips have been received. The tips include new images and names of people who were recognized. Police expect to detain more supporters.

Storming of main stand

After AZ’s elimination in the semifinals of the Conference League last Thursday, supporters stormed the main stand of the AFAS Stadium. There they sought confrontation with fans of West Ham United from London. Also in the stands were friends and family members of West Ham players.

It was not the first time that there was unrest, at the match in England a week before it was also a hit. Then AZ fans were attacked by West Ham fans when the AZ fans cheered for a goal.

Kayleigh Williams