Man who put feet on Pelosi’s desk during Capitol assault convicted

Man who put feet on Pelosi’s desk during Capitol assault convicted

A district court in the state of Columbia has convicted. Richard ‘Bigo’ Barnett to four and a half years in prison.the 63-year-old man who put his feet up on the desk of the former Speaker of the House of Representatives. Nancy Pelosi during the assault on the Capitol.

The man, who during the trial has expressed remorse, but has also emphasized that he did not engage in “threatening” behaviorwas convicted in January of eight charges, including civil disorderly conduct and theft of state property, the network has reported. NBC News.

Federal prosecutors had sought a total of seven years in prison for his actions, taking into account that. Barnett entered the building wielding a taser. and carrying an American flag, although Judge Christopher Cooper has issued a 54-month sentence.

Barnett, a 63-year-old retired bull rider from Arkansas, went to the Capitol on January 6 and, after entering the building, entered Pelosi’s office, where he stole an envelope on which he wrote: “Hey Nancy, ‘Bigo’ was here, bitch.”

Later, he threatened one of the Capitol police officers, after which he was pepper-sprayed and ejected from the building. Prosecutors allege that, after leaving Pelosi’s office, he bragged about his actions and aencouraged other rioters to continue the violence.has picked up the chain CBS.

Kayleigh Williams