Friend Justin Kluivert slightly injured in robbery at home in Spain

Friend Justin Kluivert slightly injured in robbery at home in Spain
Justin Kluivert

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Footballer Justin Kluivert’s girlfriend was slightly injured in a robbery at their home near Valencia last night. Criminals looted jewelry, watches, clothes and money worth 160,000 euros. Kluivert himself was not at home at the time.

According to the newspaper El Periódico, another woman was present in the house last night. She went out the door to walk the dog, after which three hooded robbers entered the house.

When she returned, she was met by the three men, who had to take her upstairs. There Kluivert’s girlfriend was sleeping. She then had to tell them where all the valuables were. Both women reportedly suffered minor injuries. In all, the robbery lasted only two minutes.

Kluivert is currently preparing for his club Valencia’s away match against Real Mallorca and is therefore not at home. According to sports newspaper Marca, he will be in action for Valencia tonight as usual.

More frequent Valencia players raided

It is not the first time a Valencia soccer player has been robbed at home. Spanish police believe a gang from Eastern Europe is active. For example, last August criminals robbed player Samu Castillejo in his villa. They allegedly acted in a similar way to Kluivert then.

A few months earlier, Valencia player Shkodran Mustafi was also robbed. He was at home at the time. The thieves managed to steal items worth about a million euros.

Many Valencia players have engaged private security companies, which are said to have already foiled a number of robberies. According to local newspaper Las Provincias, the alarm system was not working properly at the time of last night’s robbery, so a notification did not reach the security company.

Thereupon, the women allegedly called Kluivert themselves, after which security guards and also the police arrived not much later. The thieves had left by then.

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