U.S. surgeon general warns about the effects of social networking on minors

U.S. surgeon general warns about the effects of social networking on minors

U.S. Surgeon General. the nation’s foremost authority on public health, issued a report on Tuesday warning of the possible adverse effects of social media use in children and adolescents.warning that little is known about their developmental impact.

“Current evidence suggests that while social networking may be beneficial for some children and adolescents, there are ample indicators that (…) it (…) also may have a profound risk of harm to health. mental and welfare,” reads the note.

The message has called on social networking companies to. enforce age limits on their platforms.and parents to prohibit the use of electronic devices during lunches and dinners to promote conversation.

He has also suggested the creation of “family network plans” stipulating limits on their use.

The notice comes a week after the U.S. state of Montana became the first in the country to ban the use of the Chinese app TikTok.

The state’s governor, Republican Greg Gianforte, reported the move on his Twitter account: “To protect the private and personal data of Montanans from the Chinese Communist Party, I have banned TikTok,” he wrote.

Monday, TikTok struck back by filing a lawsuit in a Montana court against a law, accusing it of being unconstitutional.

Italy blocks Tik Tok until next February 15 after accusing the social network of the death of a 10-year-old girl. Something that experts such as psychologist Javier Urra also share. Antonella participated in a challenge to prove that she was the one who could resist the most without breathing. Tik Tok only allows its use by minors over 13 years of age but does not put any means to prevent children under 13 years of age from sneaking in.

Kayleigh Williams