seasonal gaming positions available!

The Partouche casino in Juan-les-Pins, a chic seaside resort located in the town of Antibes, is short-staffed. The establishment managed and operated by the number two casino in France (and which recently changed director) is currently recruiting gaming employees for the summer season. The aim is to provide professional training that will allow beginners to discover the profession of croupier, among other things.

Shortage of candidates: the Pasino de Juan-les-Pins is looking for beginner croupiers

Under the impetus of its new director Brice Escalle, the Partouche casino in Juan-les-Pins, in the Alpes-Maritimes, is looking for develop its summer activity. Indeed, the establishment better known under the name of Eden Beach wishes to recruit personnel. The only problem is that there aren’t many applicants, so the new boss of the casino has decided to offer training to beginners who are interested in working as a dealer at the gaming tables.

We would like to install new gaming tables from July through September. The problem is that we are understaffed and the casino industry is having trouble hiring. In addition to not being able to fill the positions that are vacant in each of the branches of our business, we face another obstacle: regulations “, explains Brice Escalle.

And the latter continues: ” Before starting his job, a game employee must pass an interview with the Races and Games, then fill out a file that passes through Paris pending a possible validation. Only then can he or she begin training, accreditation in hand. “, tells Brice Escalle, tired.

In order to overcome the difficulties of the regulation, the Partouche casino of Juan-les-Pins counts to open its own school of croupiers next June. An experienced employee of the establishment will lead the classes, which will be held Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. ” We hope to find the rare gems in this way “, says the director of the Eden Beach casino.

Brice Escalle, a new director who shows his ambitions from the start

Freshly arrived on February 09, Brice Escalle, a former member of the management committee of the Partouche Le Pharaon casino in Lyon, has succeeded Marcel Delgado, who has since retired. Among Brice Escalle’s main ambitions is the desire to create a new casino within the walls of the existing one.

The one who went from bartender to restaurant manager supervised the actions of the entire Le Pharaon casino in the absence of the manager in charge. Holder of a degree in management of commercial units, the new head of the Eden Beach wishes to withdraw all the obsolete machines of the casino (slot machines and video poker terminals) and replace them with games that are very popular. For example, the Solar Link titles will disappear in favor of Genghis Khan, Panda Magic and Buddha.

Kayleigh Williams