Nazi flag found inside vehicle

Nazi flag found inside vehicle

The U.S. Secret Service arrested this Monday night the driver of a truck that crashed near the White House.reported by several U.S. media outlets.

According to the authorities, the detainee may have intentionally tried to impact the security barriers.

There were no injuries in the eventwhich took place at around 10 p.m. local time (02.00 GMT), a Secret Service spokesman confirmed to the newspaper The New York Times.

Zelenski and Biden

The authorities cut off several streets around the U.S. president’s residenceJoe Biden, while the investigation of the incident continues, although they advanced that they have not found anything dangerous in the vehicle.

Several media outlets suggest that there was a Nazi flag inside the vehicle. The truck belongs to the U.S. truck and trailer rental company U Haul.

At present, the White House and its surroundings are fortified with fences. which prevent access by anyone not authorized to approach the complex.

Kayleigh Williams