The habit of dubious hygiene that has become fashionable among some U.S. celebrities

The habit of dubious hygiene that has become fashionable among some U.S. celebrities

Being different or being bored could be two of the reasons why some U.S. celebrities are joining an urban fad that leads them to not wear shoes, even to go out walking on the sidewalks and streets of New York.

A few photos of actor Jacob Elordi, from. Euphoriafrom HBO, walking quietly barefoot down the street to get a cup of coffee. went viral on social networks, where it aroused all kinds of comments, most of them against the idea.

Ludwig, Prince of Bavaria, and Sophia-Alexandra Evekink at their wedding.

But in addition, musician Mike Sabath (who has worked with Meghan Trainor, Liam Payne, the Jonas Bros. and Selena Gomez) already entered that debate: “I usually don’t wear shirts or shoes.I honestly don’t,” Sabath, 25, told The Cut of New York Magazine, asserting that he does so because he feels “freer.”

However, neither seems to be a pioneer in this fashion, since they already two years ago the actress and presenter Drew Barrymore was photographed barefoot walking the streets of Manhattan.

Of course, in both cases, many users rejected this habit as a dangerous lack of hygiene. “You went into the cafeteria barefoot? That’s disgusting!“, said for example TikToker Blakely Thornton said in a video.

“I think they’re hobbits who are going to destroy the one ring,” one user said about another photo of Sabath, to which another added: “I hate it, but at least he’s had his feet manicured.“. “He’s going to be a tetanus boy,” another user sneered.

However, there were also those who defended them, such as one user who stated: “If that’s Jacob Elordi, just know that walking barefoot is very typical for Aussies.“.

Kayleigh Williams