Here’s how this ER doctor uses ChatGPT to help treat patients

Here’s how this ER doctor uses ChatGPT to help treat patients

Artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT or other large language models are proving to have a place in a multitude of professions to a greater or lesser extent. It is even feared that some jobs will disappear with the introduction of this technology and, although this does not appear to be the case in medicine, its presence could indeed mean a change in the future of the sector.

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In the emergency department, for example, a place in medical centers where time does not play in favor of the healthcare workers due to the number of patients arriving, the use of AI can be interesting. Recently, ChatGPT passed a medical licensing exam in the United States, as published in the journal PLOS Digital Health. This encouraged one emergency physician to start using the tool in his work and share it through a Fast Company publication.

Although the physician compares ChatGPT to “an intern with a hangover”, ensures that it is able to create long-form written communication for patients and staff and explains technical information to patients without forgoing empathy and compassion. Results should be verified, however, reviewing is faster than writing from scratch the report.

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US emergency rooms, where the doctor recounting his experience with AI works, receive 131 million patient visits annually. A very common problem that occurs due to lack of time is that professionals resort to technicalities to explain diagnoses and patients may not understand them. Faced with the difficulty of translating medical language into a more colloquial one due to lack of time, ChatGPT does it instantly.

As calculated by the practitioner in Fast Company, the use of OpenAI’s AI would reduce. an average of 5 minutes per patientwhich would amount to more than 10 million hours of time saved per year. This would allow healthcare personnel to care for more people.

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