No arrests after storming main stand AZ

No arrests after storming main stand AZ

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Police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the disturbances at AZ’s AFAS Stadium yesterday.

Rioters stormed the main stand of the AFAS Stadium after the elimination in the semi-finals of the Conference League. There they sought confrontation with supporters of opponent West Ham United.

These are images of the disturbances:

AZ supporters storm main stand

A police spokesman said AZ is basically responsible for maintaining security at the stadium. “The police maintain public order and safety. After a call, we went to the stadium to restore that security.”

Subsequent arrests the police are not ruling out. “We are going to check on images to see if any crimes were committed and if we can identify individuals,” the spokesman said.

AZ regrets riots

AZ general manager Robert Eenhoorn earlier said he regretted the riots. “You hope the fence will hold, but this was not the case. This did not go well and ultimately I am ultimately responsible. Internally we are still going to talk about this, because it all went very quickly with me as well.”

Some West Ham players got involved in the riots. They ran to the main stand to help family members and friends who were being attacked.

Also unruly in London

Earlier in the day, there had been unrest in the city. Unicorn noticed before the match that the unrest also moved into the stadium. “I am always downstairs right before the game and I already noticed that there was a lot of noise. Last week it was also a bit noisy there, but here we were late. It’s disappointing how this night ended. I can’t blame the guys on the field much,” Eenhoorn said.

At last week’s game in London, things were also unsettled. Several AZ supporters had to leave the stadium after being attacked by West Ham supporters.


AZ supporters previously reported to NH News that a new generation is having a negative impact on the atmosphere in and around the stadium. “It’s getting grimmer and grimmer. There is no respect anymore,” one supporter told the broadcaster.

In an e-mail to the AZ management that the broadcaster has seen, a soccer supporter writes: “If you call others to account a few times for misbehavior and they don’t listen, you’re done with it. Besides: if you hit the wrong one, you have a pot of fuss.”

Supporters in the hard core box with a season ticket are not sure of their place either, they tell NH. “I have had a season ticket for years and therefore a fixed place, but regularly have to fight with guests with a single ticket who also want to stand in that section.”

Children exposed

Drug use is also a thorn in the side of the old guard. “At first we would hear the occasional sniffing behind a toilet door at the supporters’ home,” says the mailer. “But nowadays they are just standing in front of my boy putting coke up their nose. That’s what I find the worst. I and with me many other supporters have children who like to come along to AZ and they are increasingly exposed to public drug use.”

On Twitter, AZ supporters also reacted with shock and outrage to yesterday’s violence:

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