Feyenoord amateur match in Amsterdam canceled due to threat

Feyenoord amateur match in Amsterdam canceled due to threat
The field of The Dike

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A soccer match between Feyenoord amateurs and Amsterdam amateur club De Dijk has been canceled due to fears of disturbances. The match in Amsterdam had attracted several dozen visitors who were believed to belong to the hard core of Ajax supporters.

In consultation with the police and the KNVB it was decided to cancel the match, says interim chairman Ten Have of De Dijk. The bus with sc Feyenoord players was on its way at the time, but turned around when the message came through that the match was cancelled.

Feyenoord chairman Van der Graaff was told that the safety of his team could not be guaranteed because a number of F-siders were hanging around the De Dijk grounds.

“Very sad and, in his Rotterdam words, crappy,” Van der Graaff said. The match has yet to be played. De Dijk is already relegated, but Feyenoord has yet to hold on in this league, the KNVB’s fourth division Saturday. He would rather not play the match in Amsterdam.

De Dijk also regrets the turn of events. Interim chairman Ten Have hoped for a pleasant afternoon, also for the sponsors. He says the guests who were not expected did not cause any problems. They sat on the terrace and bought refreshments.

Kayleigh Williams