“If you don’t pass, you’re a fool.”

“If you don’t pass, you’re a fool.”

Marta Pons is a young woman from Seville who is studying at Northeastern University, in Boston (United States). Through her TikTok account, the young woman explains what her day to day life is like in America.

A few weeks ago, Marta shared a video in which she compared how they were. university exams in the United States compared to those in Spain.

“I scored 18 out of 15 and it’s easier impossible.” said the young woman in the video, explaining that she exceeds the maximum mark because there are extra questions for students to raise marks.

“If it’s not easy already, plus they give you five extra questions so you get five extra points. That’s why I got more marks possible“, says Marta Pons in her video on TikTok.

Although she thought it was going to cost her more because the subjects were in English, the reality is quite the opposite: in the multiple-choice exams there are no subtracting questions, sometimes it is a question of filling in words or joining concepts… “You have it all, if you don’t pass it’s because you’re dumb.”he says.

Even in one subject, the student can bring the notes to the exam. “Other than that, of taking the exam alone at a table with more people. that if you want to copy, you copyand after you hand it in, you do it again as a group,” says Marta.

Kayleigh Williams