TikTok content creators sue state of Montana for banning the app

TikTok content creators sue state of Montana for banning the app

A group of TikTok content creators has. sued the U.S. state of Montana over its recent ban on the video app, amid doubts about the data protection it offers the user.

It involves five persons residing in the state who use TikTok as an integral part of their businesses or communities, and who would be directly and adversely affected by the ban.

According to the complaint, accessed by the network. CNNthe creators compare TikTok to any other type of media, and argue that banning it constitutes a “violation of the law. a crime against freedom of expression: “Montana can no more prohibit its residents from viewing or posting on TikTok than it can prohibit the Wall Street Journal Because of who owns it or the ideas it publishes.”

The odds are high of finding the missing videos.

In addition to accusing the state’s governor, Greg Gianforte, of violating their freedom of speech, they also claim that the ban infringes on other rights.The petitioners claim that the ban infringes on other rights, contrary to the fourteenth amendment to the Constitution, which establishes, among other things, the obligation to establish a fair trial before withdrawing a citizen’s liberty.

For its part, the state attorney general’s office, Austin Knudsen, has affirmed through a statement that. “we expected a legal dispute and we are prepared to defend the law.”

Gianforte signed the law prohibiting accessing or downloading this application. this Wednesday making it the first state to take this action. It indicated that it was making this decision to protect the data of Montana Americans “from the Chinese Communist Party.”

The controversial law, which comes as some lawmakers have called for a nationwide ban on the app, marks a further step in the restriction of TikTok, whose parent company is China’s ByteDance.after security concerns have grown in the West regarding possible use of the app as a Trojan horse to promote pro-Chinese propaganda or collect user data.

Chinese authorities have denounced that, behind the cascade of vetoes that took place in recent months by several countries (US, UK and EU) on public administration devices, there is hidden a political intentionality without any real technological justification.

Kayleigh Williams