‘English TV crew will be disappointed’

‘English TV crew will be disappointed’

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Lock releases nothing about future: ‘Choose to say as little as possible’

Yes, Feyenoord coach Arne Slot enjoyed the week of festivities after winning the championship. But now that the champagne is gone, they move on to the order of the day. Such as the duel with FC Emmen. And the future of the trainer himself.

For weeks there have been rumors of interest from England. Tottenham Hotspur would like to speak with Slot, but the coach himself will not say a word about it. Also Friday afternoon during the press conference ahead of the game against FC Emmen he said nothing about his future.

English TV crew

“We’re here for next Sunday’s match. I’m going to give you all the answers to that, if you want. But I’m not going to talk about my future,” Slot is adamant.

The conversation about his future not only arouses interest in the Netherlands, but also in Britain people are interested in Slot. Even British journalists were present in the press room in Rotterdam. “They will then be disappointed and go home with their tails between their legs, because I’m not going to say anything…”

Arne Slot with Orkun Kokcu after winning the championship

Slot acknowledges that by not saying anything he is feeding rumors and not making himself popular with all the media. “But everything I say is under a huge magnifying glass. That is why I choose not to say anything. When I left AZ, there was a lot of one-sided reporting from the media, which was incorrect. I don’t want to do that again. Everything lies on a scale.”

“Should anything come up, of course I will let the board know. That seems logical to me. But this is the only thing I’m going to say about it,” Slot said. “Talked to Tottenham? Next question…”

‘Premier League best competition’

Speaking to the British press, certain that Slot is the top candidate at the London club, Slot did say that he would like to work in the Premier League one day. “If you think of a next step, it won’t be in the Netherlands. Otherwise I have failed. So then it will be abroad. I’ve always said the Premier League is the best league. But several leagues are interesting.”

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