Crowds at Rotterdam tattoo shop because of Feyenoord tattoo for 19.08 euros

Crowds at Rotterdam tattoo shop because of Feyenoord tattoo for 19.08 euros
A Feyenoord tattoo for 19.08 euros

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At a tattoo shop in Rotterdam, there has been a large influx of Feyenoord fans all day. The reason: the store had announced that today it would be offering Feyenoord tattoos for only 19.08 euros, a reference to the founding year of the soccer club that became national champions last weekend. The promotion led to long lines at the door.

Four tattoo artists are busy trying to take a maximum of ten minutes to tattoo everyone. Hanging in the store is a large sheet with different designs from which supporters can choose: for example, ‘Feyenoord’ written in different fonts, the founding year of the club in different kinds of numbers and abbreviations like FR. It has to be simple this day: just letters and numbers. Logos and colors are not allowed.

‘Might be the last championship I experience’

For the Feyenoord fans in the queue, today is the perfect day to get a tattoo of their club. “I think now is a nice moment, now that we have become champions,” one young supporter told regional broadcaster Rijnmond. “I saw this offer passing by and I thought it would be nice to get this as my first tattoo.”

For other Feyenoord supporters, the tattoo also has an emotional value. “I thought, ‘well I’ll put one’. Maybe this will be the last championship I experience,” says one man as he waits in the leather chair.

Another supporter: “You’re proud of your club. You’re proud of the team, of the stadium. You want to show that with a tattoo.”

‘We do it for the club’

Tattooist Ydo de Jong did expect today to be busy. The doors opened at 10 a.m., and at that time people were already waiting outside.

The first customers were already at the door at 8:45 am:

Queuing up for discounted Feyenoord tattoos

De Jong does not regret the spontaneous action despite being busy. “It’s just fun. And we’re doing it for the club.” De Jong says the store will stay open until everyone has been helped. He expects the last tattoo to be done around 9 p.m.

Kayleigh Williams