“Is this the life I had dreamed of?”

“Is this the life I had dreamed of?”

We have all seen a spy movie at one time or another with which we think how much it might resemble reality. Now, in a war context with the Russian invasion of Ukraine the fiction is not such in many occasions and in fact CIA has issued an appeal to Russian citizens who are unhappy with Vladimir Putin to help the United States spy on him. The United States, in fact, speaks of a question of “patriotism” in the face of the Kremlin’s moves.

“The CIA wants to know the truth about Russia and… we are looking for reliable people who can tell us that truth.“, they summarize in the video. The U.S. intelligence agency has seen a window of opportunity and the footage shows a Russian official with his family, in a cramped environment and in a tone that exemplifies concern about the current situation.

Thus, the CIA launches a series of questions. “Is this the life I had dreamed of? Is this the path I had chosen? We understand what you are going through,” says the voiceover. The video is also spoken in Russian and there are references to authors such as Leon Tolstoy. “We will live with dignity thanks to my actions,” they add.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski at a press conference from Berlin.

The images have been shared at first on Telegram, but then it started to circulate via Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. From the Kremlin there has been no reaction as such, but Putin’s government has again denounced the “maneuvers of the West” against Russia, to reiterate that it is the country that is being “attacked” by Ukraine’s allies.

Kayleigh Williams