El programa de Ana Rosa’ (Ana Rosa’s program)

El programa de Ana Rosa’ (Ana Rosa’s program)

Human trafficking to the United States is in the news again after images of several men and women crossing the river have transcended. This Tuesday, El programa de Ana Rosa has broadcasted an interview with one of the members of the mafia who control these operations..

They call themselves ‘coyotes’ and are in charge of watching which people cross the river. In addition, in order to cross, they ask them for very high amounts of money.. For this reason, a team of Telecinco’s morning show has moved to Reynosa, Mexico.

The crossing of the Bravo River has become the crossing point for illegal immigrants. However, families with minors in their care, the elderly and the handicapped encounter the obstacles of the ‘coyotes’, which force them to live in camps in exchange for an economic fee and, in addition, they are asked to provide them with a exorbitant amounts to cross into the neighboring country..

La Fábrica de la Tele launches an enigmatic announcement about the future of the program.

The program was also able to talk to Renata, an elderly woman from Honduras who explained that. she fled her country of origin with her daughters, grandchildren and a great-grandchild.. The reason the woman and her family fled was because they had killed her son “for not wanting to join the ‘Maras’: “If we go back to our country, they kill us all”..

For his part, the mafia member, dressed entirely in black, sunglasses and a dark scarf covering his head, has emphasized:”I dedicate myself to being a ‘coyote’. here at the Reynosa Tamaulipas border. We are dedicated to crossing people illegally into the United States, we lose count of how many… because not all of them cross.“.

Ana Rosa Quintana attends her program.

The interviewee, in addition, has explained on camera that they are aware that, in exchange for money, many people die in the river: “Some are unlucky and cannot reach their destination.”. Regarding the price they have to pay, the ‘coyote’ does not hide: “Let’s say it’s about 6,000 dollars (5,500 euros). That’s what an economic crossing to Houston is worth”.

Kayleigh Williams