‘Should only be about the title now’

‘Should only be about the title now’
Arne Slot as Feyenoord coach with the bowl

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“But please let the headlines today be how handsome it is that we’ve all managed this together,” Slot implored at a post-game press conference.

Shrouded in a wet suit, about which more later, the success coach fired up together with his entire technical staff. With the championship trophy in front of him, he was asked if he would still be trainer of Feyenoord next season.

“Gosh, I hadn’t seen that question coming,” Slot joked at first. “Anything I say about that now would distract from what today should really be about. Namely about the championship, and not about my future. I still have a two-year contract here, as everyone knows.”

Lock: ‘Very nice to belong in the list of trainers who have won a prize’

While moments before the frenzied Feyenoord players in the locker room dared their dances to rhythmic music, the architect of success took a break. Peacefully, Slot, fraternally next to his assistant Marino Pusic, took a bite of his pizza point. Not knowing what awaited him shortly thereafter.

Slot into the bathtub

“Arne Slot, Arne Slot, Arne Slot,” was chanted and the Feyenoord players lifted their trainer and threw him into the bathtub amid loud cheers. The action drew big laughs from the much vaunted practice master.

Party in Feyenoord dressing room where success coach Slot is thrown into the bathtub

After the bowl presentation on the pitch, Slot had already briefly given his initial reaction to winning his first award as head coach. “This is unreal, but it is very nice to be in the group of trainers who have won an award,” he said.

“In the Netherlands this is always a thing anyway, also for myself,” he admitted. “I don’t quite realize it yet, but I think it’s a great idea.”

The architect

The coach is widely seen as the architect of this success. Last year he already reached the Conference League final. This year, with a team full of new faces, comes the first national title for Feyenoord in six years.

“An incredible achievement then,” stated general manager Dennis te Kloese. “Arne is a fantastic coach with a fantastic group of people around him. They are more than to be congratulated.”

The driver was also asked about the future of Slot, who has already been mentioned at Tottenham Hotspur. “His performance is such that he will be looked at, but I have not been called yet,” Te Kloese said. “I’m sure Arne will have a great time here. We will see.”

Goalkeeper Justin Bijlow is also more than happy with his coach. “We don’t even have to talk about that. I think everyone sees how he has been letting us play soccer for two years now.”

Bijlow therefore hopes Slot will stay. “But that’s his choice. We have to respect that and we’re all going to. But I will pull his shirt tonight, I think,” said the Feyenoord player with a wink.

Kayleigh Williams