Rotterdam celebrates after Feyenoord title, municipality wants Coolsingel empty for inauguration

Rotterdam celebrates after Feyenoord title, municipality wants Coolsingel empty for inauguration

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    Downtown Rotterdam at dusk

In Rotterdam, thousands of people celebrate Feyenoord’s championship celebration. The Stadhuisplein, the Binnenrotte and the Coolsingel are so full of partying Feyenoorders that the municipality calls on people to celebrate somewhere else. It has been busy all day in the city.

The atmosphere is generally good. Around 8:30 p.m. things did go wrong for a short time near Coolsingel. Officers were harassed and there was open violence, whereupon the mobile unit intervened. A water cannon was used. Some 60 people have been arrested so far.

Water cannon deployed on Coolsingel in Rotterdam

“I never cry. But now I have cried,” an elated Feyenoord supporter summed up the emotional afternoon in Rotterdam. The tension was palpable in Rotterdam ahead of the 3-0 championship match against Go Ahead Eagles. But after only twenty minutes it was 2-0 and the worst of the tension ebbed away.

After the final whistle, the tension quickly turned to intense joy. “We are champions! And rightfully so!”, said a frenzied supporter.

Other Feyenoorders are already looking forward to participating in the Champions League:

Feyenoorders delirious after championship: ‘I cried!’

The center was packed with Feyenoord supporters before kickoff. Before the kickoff of the match it was so crowded that the municipality advised people not to come to the Stadhuisplein. Meanwhile, the Binnenrotte and Coolsingel joined them.

The municipality hopes that revelers will return home by 10 p.m. so that Coolsingel can be made ready for tomorrow’s inauguration.

The Binnenrotte and Willemsplein were also packed this afternoon. Before the match, people were already passionately You’ll never walk alone by Lee Towers was sung along. During the game and immediately after, it was mostly cheering.

Over the course of the evening, people kept coming. The municipality closed Hofplein to traffic streetcars and cars.

Ultimate discharge after the final signal:

This is how the final signal was received in Rotterdam

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    Fans at the Hofplein
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    Fans in the pond
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    Supportersin the city center celebrate the 1-0 during their club’s match against Go Ahead Eagles
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    Fans in ecstasy
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    Fans are ecstatic

A popular celebration erupted after the final whistle and supporters traditionally took a championship dive into the fountain on Hofplein. Although there were supporters who already sought refreshment during the match.

The atmosphere was exuberant, two visitors to the festivities also observed, “Look at the atmosphere around you. Really nice!”

Kayleigh Williams