A camera is inserted into the sewer and a live alligator is caught

A camera is inserted into the sewer and a live alligator is caught

One of the most famous urban legends in the United States is the presence in sewage systems of alligators dumped by tourists from Florida. There are even movies about it. But now, the legend has come true.

The stormwater equipment of the city of Oviedoin the state of Florida (USA), was investigating a series of problems in the sewer system on May 5.

The four-wheeled robotic camera is usually used to identify defects in subway pathways, such as leaking pipes. But this subway expedition yielded an unexpected discovery when the machine moved toward. a pair of glowing eyes in the darkness.

“At first they thought it was a toad.” wrote the workers in the caption of the video uploaded to Facebook. But it soon became clear that “when it turned around, they saw the alligator’s long tail and followed it through the pipes!” they added.

In the footage, the animal is seen lying half-submerged in the sewer water before backing away as the robot approaches. As it gets closer to the contact distance.it turns around and walks away down the pipe.

The camera follows the reptile a few more feet before it hooks into a crevice and the alligator, approximately 5 feet longis lost from sight.

Kayleigh Williams