Possible 1.8 kilogram meteorite hits New Jersey home

Possible 1.8 kilogram meteorite hits New Jersey home

A family from New Jersey was surprised last Monday when a strange meteorite hit a home in New Jersey. metallic object struck the interior of their home.opening a hole in the roof.

According to police in Hopewell Township, north of the state capital of Trenton, this black-colored rock species measures “between 10 and 15 centimeters and weighs about 1.8 kilograms.“.

Fortunately, no one present was injured at the time of impact and the object did not cause major damage to the residence. Suzy Kop, owner of the house, spoke to local television to tell what happened.

Sample of the fulgurite discovered in Florida.

Initially, they believed that some neighbor had thrown a stone inside their home, but when they saw its shape and dimensions, they were astonished. “We thought it was a meteorite.”Kop told KYW-TV.

In response to this assumption, the hazardous materials experts to analyze the object in case the inhabitants of the house had been exposed to any radioactive components.

After performing the corresponding controls, the results were negativeThe hypothesis that this object was a meteorite from space was discarded.

Kayleigh Williams