U.S. to monitor families apprehended at border with electronic shackle

U.S. to monitor families apprehended at border with electronic shackle

Families who are detained irregularly crossing the southern border of the United States. will be monitored with an electronic shackle. and will be subject to a curfew while the authorities study their cases.

The government will take this step in order to ensure that families applying for the credible fear interviewswho determine whether they have a case for file for asylumThe U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said Wednesday in a statement.

Families who receive a negative response after having appeared for the credible fear interview, will be deported within 30 days, according to the statement.

This new U.S. government program only applies to families who come from countries to which there are deportation flights and who reside in Newark, Washington, Baltimore and Chicago, as reported by the newspaper L.A. Times.

U.S. is “committed to enforcing greater consequences for irregular crossers (the border) in a safe and humane manner,” said Corey A. Price, a senior ICE official.

President Joe Biden’s administration is preparing during these days for the lifting of Title 42a sanitary regulation that allows for the hot expulsions of migrants at the border.

Beginning Thursday, greater restrictions will go into effect for irregular border crossers, which includes the possible deportation and a ban on entry to the U.S. for five years.

Kayleigh Williams