Feyenoord on match point – Curtain falls for Groningen – Ajax women champions

Feyenoord on match point – Curtain falls for Groningen – Ajax women champions
Feyenoord players celebrate the win over Excelsior and the upcoming national title.

For those with a good heart for Feyenoord: meet at De Kuip or the Hofpleinfontein around 6:30 p.m. next week for the championship celebration. For other soccer fans: check out what awaits your favorite club in the 32nd round of play.

Thanks for following this liveblog and hope to see you next week! At least for the premier league…because Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can also join us again for the semi-finals of the Champions League, the Europa League and the Conference League (with AZ…)!

The program of the 32nd round of play in the premier league.

Feyenoord on match point after difficult win in Kralingen: reactions

No one doubts that Feyenoord will be the champions of the 2022/23 season. Coach Arne Slot’s team did not have an easy time on Excelsior’s sluggish turf, but they did win for the ninth time in a row. And so the fans can get ready for a big party in a churning Kuip next week.

Watch reactions from trainer Arne Slot, striker Santiago Gimenez and mercenary (and opponent today) Marouan Azarkan.

FOR-VIT | 90’+2 Heavy injury Buitink

Oh no, cold on the pitch things go wrong for Thomas Buitink. In dueling with another substitute – Dominik Oroz – he sprains himself and immediately knows it’s wrong. The striker leaves the field on a stretcher. A long rehabilitation will probably await him.

Fortuna has no substitutions left and so must continue with ten men.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 2-0

Thomas Buitink injures his knee in the closing stages of Fortuna’s match against Vitesse.

FOR-VIT | 85′ Buitink also gets to play for a while…at Fortuna

Thomas Buitink is also allowed to join Fortuna for a while against the club that leases him to the Limburgers. Together with Özyakup he enters the field for the final phase.

Vitesse still tries a bit and was just threatening with a header from Flamingo. But fair is fair, the Arnheimers showed very little this match.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 2-0


Úmaro Embaló seems to decide the match in Sittard. The Portuguese striker lashed out hard from the left flank, surprising Vitesse goalkeeper Kjell Scherpen in the short corner. Scherpen should have had this one.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 2-0

Vitesse goalkeeper Kjell Scherpen is surprised in the short corner by Umaro Embalo’s shot.

Meanwhile in England: Ødegaard worth his weight in gold again

Oh how Vitesse would have loved to have had a player like Martin Ødegaard on the pitch today. Of course, the Norwegian, who scored eight goals for the Arnheimers in the 2018/19 season, has long outgrown Vitesse. Indeed, as captain of Arsenal, he is one of the absolute standouts in the Premier League this season.

And he proved that again today. In the topper against Newcastle United, he signed for the only goal for the time being in the first half. It is already his fifth goal in the last five games. But there are still 45 minutes to play in northern England.

Martin Odegaard scored his fifth goal in the last five games in the first half against Newcastle United.

FOR-VIT | 69′ Huge header chance Bialek

Almost immediately it was a hit for Vitesse. Bialek could head in completely free after a sharp free kick from Wittek, but he headed the ball straight at goalkeeper Pandur.

Shortly before that, by the way, Fortuna defender Navarro had to quit the game with a knee injury. That didn’t look so good. The Greek Siovas is his replacement.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 1-0

FOR-VIT | 66′ Vitesse substitutes

Vitesse coach Phillip Cocu realizes that things are not going to work out this way. He brings Sankoh, Manhoef and Van Ginkel to the side. Bialek, Jonathans and Vidovic are their replacements.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 1-0

FOR-VIT | 60′ Vitesse lost north

After the 1-0, Fortuna wants to do business quickly and gets every opportunity to do so, as Vitesse seems to have completely lost the north. Although, not quite, as Flamingo slides a dangerous cross with an ultimate slide against the outside of his own post.

And then some frustration emerges as Isimat-Mirin grabs Noslin’s throat on the touchline. The Fortuna striker wanted to prevent Vitesse from taking a quick throw-in. But Isimat-Mirin’s reaction makes no sense. Referee Lindhout dismisses it with a thunderous sermon.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 1-0

Isimat-Mirin grabs Noslin by the throat as he tries to grab the ball for a throw-in.


Fortuna Sittard takes the lead against Vitesse! Micah Pinto delivers the cross after a deflected free kick, which is headed in unerringly by Paul Gladon: 1-0.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 1-0

Paul Gladon flies into the arms of declarer Ivo Pinto.

Ajax women celebrate championship: reactions

“Ajax stands for taking prizes,” Sherida Spitse summed up the successful afternoon for the Amsterdammers in Zwolle. The captain was presented with the championship trophy by Victoria Pelova, who left for Arsenal during the winter break.

Not only Spitse showed her joy after the 6-1 win at PEC, so did two-time goal scorer Romeé Leuchter. “This cannot be described, I am SO happy,” Leuchter responded shortly after the game. “We did it today. I’m proud of the team.”

Read the reaction story and see reactions from Sherida Spitse, Romée Leuchter, Lize Kop and coach Suzanne Bakker. For Twente top shooter Fenna Kalma and captain Renate Jansen, the grapes were sour.

A quick look back at the Ajax women’s championship

Feyenoord still have to wait a week to win the national title, but today the Vitesse women were already drinking champagne. On the last matchday, the leaders won 6-1 against PEC Zwolle to secure the championship trophy.

Supreme Ajax women capture the national title for the first time since 2018

EXC-FEY | Match report and summary

The championship could not yet be celebrated due to PSV’s win at Sparta Rotterdam on Saturday (0-1), but Feyenoord could ensure that the title can be secured at De Kuip next week if they win at neighboring Excelsior. Thanks to two goals by Santiago Gimenez at Woudestein, they succeeded: 0-2.

Watch the summary of Excelsior – Feyenoord

GAE-GRO | Match report and summary

Since the play in Sittard is not improving this first half – although we did just see a clever shot by Bistrovic and an equally clever save by Vitesse goalkeeper Scherpen – it is best to look back at the games played earlier.

For example, FC Groningen’s 1-1 draw at Go Ahead Eagles. With that, FC Groningen’s fate was sealed. The Pride of the North will play next season in the first division. Read the match report and watch the summary.

Watch the summary of Go Ahead Eagles – FC Groningen

FOT-VIT | 23′ What a blast from Wittek!

Last year in the Conference League against the likes of Stade Rennais, Tottenham Hotspur and AS Roma, Maximilian Wittek showed that he has dynamite in his shoes. This season, the German left back rarely showed it, but this was another one hooray!

Wittek hits the ball full with the outside left and sees the ball hit the crossbar with a beautiful curve over goalkeeper Ivor Pandur. The highlight of this first half came in a phase when Fortuna just asserted themselves a bit more by the way.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 0-0

After 23 years, the curtain falls on premier league club FC Groningen

With the 1-1 in Deventer, the curtain has fallen for FC Groningen. After 23 seasons in the premier league, the pride of the North relegated to the second tier. Only six teams saw a longer stay at the highest level end.

46 – Sparta 2001/2002
41 – Roda JC 2013/2014
34 – Twente 2017/2018
25 – ADO 1981/1982
24 – Go Ahead 1986/1987
24 – Willem II 2010/2011
23 – Groningen 2022/2023
20 – MVV 1975/1976
20 – NEC 2013/2014

  • Pro Shots

    Disappointment at FC Groningen after relegation.
  • ANP

    The players thank the fans traveling with them.

FOR-VIT | 10′ Vitesse punches the clock in Sittard

In the first ten minutes in Sittard, we see only one team on the attack. Vitesse does not give Fortuna a second on the ball and tries to become dangerous themselves, although the latter also succeeds only moderately.

It is still waiting for the first real chance.

Fortuna Sittard – Vitesse 0-0

A youthful Vitesse fan fires at his team in Sittard.

Ajax’s soccer players may celebrate the championship, as the match in Zwolle is over. Ajax wins 6-1 and is thus – under the eyes of director Edwin van der Sar, honored. You can continue to watch all the festivities on the livestream.

Competitor FC Twente also wins, 2-1 against Feyenoord. But that doesn’t matter, then.

Ajax women celebrate the national title on the PEC Zwolle field.

GAE-GRO | 90′ Degradation Groningen almost a fact

In Deventer, FC Groningen is in its death throes, at least in terms of its status as a premier league player. Anything less than a win means relegation. But actually the whole second half it is not Groningen the home team that is looking for the 2-1.

Unsuccessful for now, by the way.

Go Ahead Eagles – FC Groningen 1-1


Except for his first goal, we haven’t really seen anything from Santiago Gimenez,. But then he’s there again! He gets the ball in the loop from Timber and slides his second of the afternoon (and 14th of the season) past Van Gassel with ease.

Feyenoord fans can start looking forward to a championship match at De Kuip against Go Ahead Eagles.

Excelsior – Feyenoord 0-2

EXC-FEY | 63′ Substitutions on both sides: Timber back at Feyenoord, Ayoub at Excelsior

Arne Slot cannot possibly be satisfied with his pleog’s play after the convincing first ten minutes. Just after the hour, he brings Alireza Jahanbakhsh and Quinten Timber for Pixão and and Szymanski.

At Excelsior, former Feyenoord player Yassin Ayoub has come into the team for Azarkan. Striker Lazaros Lamprou, meanwhile, also entered the field for Julian Baas.

Excelsior – Feyenoord 0-1

EXC-FEY | 49′ Thanks for Bijlow

Feyenoord can thank Justin Bijlow. The goalkeeper saved his team twice at the start of the second half. First, he had to go all the way to dive out of the corner on a drive by Driouch – who put Hartman and Idrissi to shame on the square meter. And then his save in the short corner on a shot by Goudmijn is perhaps even more crisp.

Reminds a bit of that famous save by Gordon Banks at the 1970 World Cup. But that’s for the romantics among us. It remains 1-0.

Excelsior – Feyenoord 0-1

EXC-FEY and GAE-GRO | Second half

The ball is rolling again at Excelsior-Feyenoord and Go Ahead Eagles – FC Groningen.

Excelsior – Feyenoord 0-1

Go Ahead Eagles – FC Groningen 1-1

Speaking of the nacompetition: NAC dreams of promotion

NAC Breda has clinched a spot in the playoffs for promotion to the premier league. Visiting Almere City, the Breda players had enough of a point, but took the full prize: 0-2.

For Almere City, the defeat was not a huge problem. Coach Alex Pastoor’s team had already qualified for the playoffs and still holds third place after the game with NAC.

NAC was still battling with FC Eindhoven, MVV, VVV and Telstar for a spot among the first eight. Because the gap with number nine Telstar is now nine points (with two games to go) that battle is now over.


The Ajax women are getting closer and closer to the national title, as Quinty Sabajo, on Leuchter’s cross, just put the team up 2-0 in Zwolle!

That second goal was welcome, as PEC did prove dangerous themselves: for example, Kops had to save on a hard shot and a header from close range.

Quinty Sabajo enjoys the 2-0 against PEC Zwolle.

GAE-GRO | 32′ What a chance for Willumsson

Shortly after Go Ahead Eagles’ 1-1 draw, the suffering for FC Groningen seemed to get even worse. Again it was Willumsson who was allowed to strike from a short distance from the Groningen goal, but this time goalkeeper Leeuwenburgh got in the way.

Go Ahead Eagles – FC Groningen 1-1

EXC-FEY | 35′ Momentary shock to Paixão

After Gimenez’s 1-0, not much actually happened at Excelsior-Feyenoord. Nevertheless, the many fans in all corners of the stadium were shocked. Igor Paixão collided with the ball and for a moment it was feared that he might have suffered a serious knee injury.

That doesn’t seem to be the case. The Brazilian is now back on the field and along the line after bahendeling.

Excelsior – Feyenoord 0-1

Igor Paixão lies groaning in pain on the pitch.


FC Groningen’s lead in Deventer did not last long, as the Icelander Willumsson made it 1-1. He rounded off after a clever attack: Adekanye sent Kuipers away in depth and the latter pulled the ball back to Willumsson.

Go Ahead Eagles – FC Groningen 1-1


The title is starting to get out of sight for the FC Twente women, as Feyenoord just went ahead 1-0 at the Grolsch Veste. Goalie Daphne van Domselaar still had an answer to the first effort, but then is defenseless on Sabrine Ellouzi’s curve ball.


FC Groningen is relegated upon defeat in Deventer, but the team is not resigned to that just yet.

Indeed, within six minutes Ricardo Pepi tapped in the 1-0.

Go Ahead Eagles – FC Groningen 0-1

Ricardo Pepi celebrates his early goal against Go Ahead Eagles.

Meanwhile, the ball is rolling in Kralingen, where Feyenoord – wearing white pants and stockings for the occasion – are playing the ball around. The upcoming champions look remarkably relaxed, a big contrast to 2017. But yes, they also know that today the title cannot be won yet.

Also in Deventer, the ball is rolling at FC Groningen

Feyenoord coach Arne Slot greets the crowd in Kralingen.

Vlap’s second was the final highlight in Emmen, where the game is over. Twente books its fourth away win this season, Emmen must start a houdini act to avoid the nacompetition. Or hope for failing rivals.


For a long, long time, Michel Vlap just couldn’t find the net. But now he just made his second of the match. He slides the ball into the far corner on Cleonise’s pass.

With that, he seals only Twente’s fourth away win this season.

EXC-FEY | Setup Feyenoord

Quinten Timber starts on the bench against Excelsior. Mats Wieffer starts, as usual, centrally in midfield, so also against his old club Excelsior. Gernot Trauner is missing.

Feyenoord’s lineup for the game against Excelsior.

It seems as if Emmen do not realize that a win today could be worth gold to avoid the nacompetition. Things are still pretty sluggish at De Oude Meerdijk and so is FC Twente for that matter.

We did just see a clever move by Zivkovic, who took the Twente goal under fire from an awkward angle on the fists of goalkeeper Unnerstall. Trainer Dick Lukkien did hope for some more punch in the closing stages with substitute Oussama Darfalou. The Algerian striker comes on for Jeremy Antonisse.

EMM-TWE | 55′ Human chain for Brenet’s chain

The second half in Emmen also started – how shall we put it – sluggishly. A memorable moment we just saw when Joshua Brenet was ordered by the arbitration to take off his necklace. The piece of jewelry then went from hand to hand towards the Twente bench.

So a human chain for a gold chain.

EMM-TWE | 38′ Pleguezuelo wants penalty

Julio Pleguezuelo raises his hands to heaven out of indignation. The Spanish Twente central defender believes that his shot did not reach the Emmen goal because the hand of Emmen colleague Araujo was between them. And he did, but the Peruvian, who turned his back, really couldn’t do much about it.

That’s what referee Martin van den Kerkhof thinks, too.

EMM-TWE | 31′ Third chance also wasted on Cerny

Emmen’s wave of attacks has subsided again and then suddenly we see another huge chance for Twente. For the third time already this game it is Cerny who gets the chance, but fails to make the most of it. The attack was very nice though: Cerny played in Ugalde, who with a handy handball put Cerny free in front of goal. It was a one-two, but the result was just short of a goal.

EMM-TWE | Message from Almelo

Just before the game, by the way, the guests from Twente were welcomed (we suspect) by a small plane, with behind it the text “See you soon at Erve Asito. That, of course, is a reference to Heracles Almelo’s promotion last week.

And perhaps it’s also a reference to last year, when supporters of FC Twente’s hard core sent teasing text about the neighbor’s relegation flying through the air. That bodes well for next season!

Supporters of Heracles have a message for next season.

EMM-TWE | 10′ Outsleepers need not hurry

The first ten minutes in Emmen are not anything to write home about. Nothing has happened yet that is really worth reporting. However, as we write this, Vaclav Cerny shows himself twice: first with a slide that changes direction, forcing Emmen goalkeeper Mickey van der Hart to the ground. And then with a shot just wide.

Other highlights from this opening phase: Ole Romeny (Emmen) tripping himself and Robin Pröpper giving teammate Virgil Misidjan a panna. In short, the battle has yet to erupt at De Oude Meerdijk.

Vaclav Cerny balks after his missed chances in the opening stages against FC Emmen.

Emmen coach Dick Lukkien already knows that he will be a trainer in the first division next year. At least, today the verdict may fall on his new club FC Groningen. And although his current club is now still in the safe 15th spot, but the remaining four duels are lead, and lead heavy.

Much heavier than the direct competitors, with Volendam and Excelsior even playing each other on the last matchday.

Remaining program

16. Excelsior (28 pnt) 15. FC Emmen (28 pnt) 14. FC Volendam (30 pnt) 13. Vitesse (31 pnt)
Feyenoord (home) FC Twente (home) Fortuna Sittard (away)
Heerenveen (away) AZ (away) Sparta (home) Cambuur (home)
Fortuna Sittard (home) Feyenoord (home) Go Ahead Eagles (away) FC Groningen (home)
FC Volendam (away) FC Utrecht (away) Excelsior (home) Feyenoord (away)

Women’s premier league denouement live on NOS.nl

Fireworks on the final matchday of the women’s premier league? The gap between leader Ajax and pursuer FC Twente is one point.

The Amsterdammers can take the national title on a visit to PEC Zwolle, but cannot afford a slip-up. FC Twente hosts Feyenoord, must win and then hope for a slip by Ajax.

Both matches can be followed live on NOS.nl from 2:30 pm.

The denouement in the women’s premier league with Ajax and FC Twente as championship contenders can be seen live on NOS.

Van Bronckhorst on mounting championship stress: ‘Does a lot to the city’

It can hardly be a coincidence. Exactly six years ago, on May 7, 2017, in the same stadium as now, the Van Donge & De Roo Stadium, Feyenoord could have become national champions by winning from Excelsior. Then things went wrong. Championship stress, according to then coach Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

“The mental part, because you see what it does to a city,” Van Bronckhorst said made it difficult. Feyenoord had been waiting 18 years for a title. “The deception was huge.” A week later, against Heracles Almelo (3-1 win), it more than made up for it.

PSV’s win against Excelsior this afternoon means Feyenoord cannot yet become official champions, but if they win, only a miracle can keep the Rotterdammers from the title.

Van Bronckhorst on championship stress in 2017: ‘Yes, that did something to players’

Good morning! Four matches in the premier league today. Leaders Feyenoord hoped to celebrate the championship already today, but due to PSV’s win at Sparta, the Rotterdammers still have to be patient. A win at city rival Excelsior this afternoon is the goal anyway.

At FC Groningen they are less cheerful, because in Deventer this afternoon the curtain could fall if there is no win at Go Ahead Eagles. However, we start in Emmen, where the stakes are high for both the home team and the visiting FC Twente.

The denouement of the women’s premier league can also be seen live on NOS.nl. Will it be Ajax or FC Twente?

Follow all developments on the fields in our liveblog!

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