Eredivisie CV postpones decision on new media contract to June 5

Eredivisie CV postpones decision on new media contract to June 5
An ESPN camera along the line

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The Eredivisie CV and the eighteen premier league clubs are postponing the decision on broadcasting rights to June 5. This responds to the request of KPN, T-Mobile, VodafoneZiggo and DELTA, who would like to see their counter-offer reconsidered.

Until 2025 the broadcast rights of the premier league are still in the hands of ESPN. The new, substantially increased, offer from the American sports channel would amount to around 160 million euros per year, with a term of ten years.

Counter offer

No big deal, or so it seemed. However, after the counteroffer from TV providers KPN, T-Mobile, VodafoneZiggo and DELTA, who are willing to pay a minimum of 180 million euros per year to broadcast premier league matches, the extension with ESPN is in doubt.

According to a brief press statement, “an important step has been taken regarding the future of Dutch professional soccer” and the aforementioned issues have been discussed “in peace”.

On June 5, knots will not only be cut about the broadcasting rights. Agreement is also expected then on other important issues, such as the establishment of the NL League and the transfer of European funds.

Jan de Jong

At today’s meeting, the clubs did unanimously approve the continuation of Jan de Jong as director of the ECV, which represents the interests of premier league clubs at both national and international levels. De Jong has held the position since September 2020.

Kayleigh Williams