Van de Streek kills old club with Utrecht, relegation Cambuur a fact

Van de Streek kills old club with Utrecht, relegation Cambuur a fact

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Cambuur has been relegated from the premier league after two seasons. A home defeat against FC Utrecht (0-3) killed the Leeuwarden-based Frisians. Only a victory would have sufficed to postpone relegation for a while.

Former Cambuur player Sander van de Streek was one of the goal scorers.

Van de Streek most dangerous man

At Utrecht, eighteen-time Orange international Bas Dost (33) started in the starting lineup in an Eredivisie match for the first time since January 22, partly due to injury. At Cambuur, Mimoun Mahi started; the left winger is under contract with Utrecht and has been rented to Cambuur since January.

In the full but not very atmospheric Cambuurstadion, where also today no away supporters were welcome, not much happened in the opening phase. Until the 24th minute. Then, out of nowhere, Sander van de Streek was suddenly close to scoring a goal against his old club.

The midfielder lobbed the ball over Cambuur goalkeeper Robbin Ruiter (ex-Utrecht), but Sai van Wermeskerken worked the ball, which was already touching the line, away just in time.

Watch the reactions of trainer Sjors Ultee and captain Alex Bangura below

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    Van Wermeskerken works the ball away just in time
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    The stadium was full in Leeuwarden

After more than half an hour of play, Van de Streek finally hit the mark. He headed a cross from Othman Boussaid backwards and left Ruiter defenseless. He did not cheer exuberantly. Perhaps because he himself was relegated with Cambuur in 2016, the club’s last relegation from the premier league, so he knows how it feels.

Not much later, the second goal was already behind goalkeeper Ruiter. After a Sean Klaiber cross, striker Anastasios Douvikas headed the ball against the ropes, this time Ruiter touched the ball, but in vain.

Utrecht players celebrate a goal

In Utrecht’s third goal, Van de Streek again had a starring role. After an unfortunate takeover by Ruiter, Van de Streek was able to intercept the ball. He was then brought down in the penalty area by the Cambuur goalkeeper and Douvikas applied the penalty. The Greek did not fail.

Standing ovation Van de Streek

It was already Douvikas’ 16th goal of the season, which currently makes him the top scorer in the premier league along with Sydney van Hooijdonk.

The tension had long since disappeared from the match when Van de Streek received a notable crowd change fifteen minutes before time. He received a standing ovation from nota bene Cambuur supporters.

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