‘Has been slow death of a year and a half’

‘Has been slow death of a year and a half’

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Due to the 3-0 home defeat against FC Utrecht, relegation is a fact for Cambuur. A hard blow for the club from Leeuwarden, although trainer Sjors Ultee and captain Alex Bangura saw the relegation coming from miles away. Ultee: “It has been a slow death of a year and a half.”

By this, the coach is referring to the fact that Cambuur has recorded only six Premier League victories in the last 18 months. Bangura also had little faith in a good outcome anymore.

“Theoretically it was still possible, but you had to win four games yourself and the rivals had to lose four. You already don’t win very often this season, so it was a tough story.”

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    Calvin Mac-Intosh balks after final whistle
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    It was packed in Leeuwarden against Utrecht despite relegation concerns

Still, Ultee had not quite come to terms with it: “You are angry, disappointed. You’re constantly thinking about what could have been done differently. And surely you are also thinking about how you can perform in the last games. You owe that to the supporters.”

For those supporters, both coach and captain have appreciation. Ultee: “It was sold out again even though we were written off. They kept singing.”

Bangura mentions the successes that supporters missed out on because of the corona measures. “You wanted to give them more, they deserve that. They are still behind us, it was full even today. That says enough about them.”

Next season

Ultee says he is already working on next season, along with management and new technical director Etiënne Reijnen. “A lot of players are leaving, there are a lot of vacancies. We will look together to put together a good team next season as well.”

Because the goal is to return to the premier league as soon as possible. Cambuur will get a new stadium, which can be put into use at the end of this year or early next year. With that, according to Ultee, the club can become a structural premier league club due to higher revenues.

But first they have to get promoted again, preferably as early as next season says Bangura. Ultee also says that is the goal, although it will not be as easy as most people think.

Not surprising either, after a season with 23 defeats in 31 games. Bangura is therefore clear: “They say: you stand where you stand. If you give away goals and don’t score yourself you just go out of the premier league. It’s a harsh conclusion, but we just weren’t good enough this season.”

Kayleigh Williams