RKC Waalwijk wins handsomely over Volendam in entertaining game

RKC Waalwijk wins handsomely over Volendam in entertaining game

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RKC Waalwijk won an entertaining match against FC Volendam: 4-1. After a quick lead, RKC still had a hard time with the attacking-minded Volendam.

RKC still has a chance to participate in the playoffs for European soccer. The team is currently in eighth place in the Eredivisie with 41 points. Numbers 5 through 8 in the final standings will enter the playoffs at the end of the season.

Volendam still has to worry about relegation. The North Dutchmen have two points more than FC Emmen and Excelsior, now ranked No. 16 in the premier league. That position means playoffs for promotion/degradation.

The standings in the premier league.

Both teams were looking forward to it on a beautiful spring evening. Volendam captain Carel Eiting set Gaetano Oristanio free in front of RKC goalkeeper Etienne Vaessen just after kickoff. The goalkeeper was first to the ball, but the tone was set.

After that moment of terror, the home fans were able to cheer for the first time in the third minute. Yassin Oukili got free in the midfield and unerringly slid the ball into the Volendam goal.

Florian Jozefzoon could have doubled the lead for RKC twice after that, before his third attempt was successful. After a good cross from Pelle Clement, Jozefzoon tipped the ball over Volendam goalkeeper Filip Stankovic into the goal.

Jozefzoon shrugs after miss of the season: ‘Hopefully they repeat this one a lot too’

That score was harsh for Volendam, which was close to a goal a few times. For example, Robert Mühren, after a nice pass from Eiting again, poked the ball on top of the crossbar.

Mats Seuntjes seemed to decide the game early in the second half. The striker fooled Volendam defender Derry Murkin and slid the ball simply into the corner.

All-or-nothing soccer

However, coach Wim Jonk’s team did not give up. Jonk had brought on an extra attacker at halftime in Francesco Antonucci, who curled the ball beautifully into the far corner for 3-1.

Volendam played all-or-nothing soccer and RKC kept the visitors away from goalkeeper Vaessen with difficulty. The home team even tried to stall for time whenever possible to avoid getting into further trouble.

Carel Eiting and Henk Veerman get despondent in the closing stages of RKC Waalwijk – FC Volendam.

Only in the last quarter of an hour did RKC get out from under the pressure of Volendam again, but the chances to still put the game in the lock remained unused.

At Volendam the conviction that there was still something to gain in Waalwijk slowly faded away. There was more and more space for RKC and just before time substitute Julen Lobete made it 4-1.

Clement follows Bakkari to Sparta

The win lifts RKC to eighth place in the Eredivisie, a spot that entitles them to participate in the playoffs for European soccer. Should the European dream come true in Waalwijk, Pelle Clement will no longer be there.

After the match, Clement confirmed to the Brabants Dagblad that he will play for Sparta Rotterdam next season. Earlier, left back Saïd Bakkari also gave his yes to the club from Spangen.

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