‘Will do soccer good’

‘Will do soccer good’

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Van Nistelrooij calls for regulation in rioting: ‘The Netherlands used to be the naive little country’

Ruud van Nistelrooij has called for regulations regarding on-field riots. “That will do soccer good in the end,” the PSV coach said during the press conference ahead of tomorrow night’s match against Sparta.

“It’s something you have to address. It has to slowly start disappearing from soccer.” Van Nistelrooij is referring, among other things, to the many riots during the cup final between PSV and Ajax, which resulted in frequent and long stoppages.

The coach was “not very concerned about that” immediately after the match. “Because winning the cup is in your head,” he explained. “I watched the game back and of course then, when the emotions have subsided a bit, you see the behavior of the players and the frequent stoppage of the game.”

As with behavior in the stands

According to Van Nistelrooij, regulation would be a step in the right direction. “Just like with behavior in the stands. You see that it becomes less with regulations. If something happens, people stop immediately.”

He thinks that will work in the field as well. “With regulations from the arbitration. Because if you start running into cards, it’s going to stop. That’s something we collectively shouldn’t be looking at.”

Guus Hiddink, former coach of PSV, addressed trainers Wednesday as chairman of the Coaches Professional Football (CBV). He did so in response to the cup final, which was marred by the many mutual irritations on the pitch.

Kayleigh Williams