Popular celebration in soccer-mad Naples with Maradona in mind: ‘Heaven celebrates’

Popular celebration in soccer-mad Naples with Maradona in mind: ‘Heaven celebrates’
A Napoli supporter in training after the championship win

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A true popular celebration erupted in Naples last night, when the final whistle had sounded and Napoli had officially secured the national title. It was immediately obvious that club legend Maradona was far from forgotten.

“Our older supporters still saw Diego Maradona play soccer, but then they had to wait 33 years,” jubilated an emotional Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti. “I always promised them to get the most out of this selection. Fortunately that has worked out quite well.”

Maradona’s ex-wife, Claudia Villafane, also made herself heard. On Instagram, she shared a photo of a blue sky and the words “Naples champion of Italy” and “you are undoubtedly celebrating, heaven is also celebrating,” referring to the club legend, who died in 2020, who led Napoli to their first two championships.

A message was also posted on Maradona’s Instagram page to celebrate the national title. “A new date to remember, a new boost for the city, for the people and for history.”

This is how Napols exploded with celebration

This championship, unlike those in 1987 and 1990, could not be hung on one player. Thus, Victor Osimhen is the current top scorer in Serie A and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia is the player with the most assists behind his name.

“I am happy for all Napoli fans worldwide,” said Osimhen, who accounted for Napoli’s only goal yesterday against Napoli. “Nobody deserves the title more than the Neapolitans, more than us. I really didn’t care who would score, I just wanted the scudetto.”

“I will think back to this moment with pleasure for the rest of my life. When the season is done, I will start thinking about my further dreams.” Osimhen made no secret of his desire to one day play in the Premier League.


Former players also made their voices heard. “This is the revenge of the last few times, of those who never give up. A fantastic group that deserved the championship,” former captain Lorenzo Insigne announced. “I am close to you with my heart.”

Celebrating Napoli supporters with a mural of Maradona in the background

From the hospital, Silvio Berlusconi complimented the brand-new national champion. “A celebrating city, a city that deserved it,” reads the Twitter account of Berlusconi, who has been prime minister of Italy three times and owned AC Milan for several years.

“The Neapolitans really deserved it, we are all with them. And I also say from the heart that I have always considered myself a Neapolitan born in Milan.”

The players will fly back to Naples today and will no doubt receive a festive welcome there.

Napoli champion of Italy again after 33 years, this is how Neapolitans celebrated in 1990

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