and the author of the theft is… a casino employee!

At the end of March, we reported that the Stelsia Casino Mimizan had been targeted by one or more burglars, the establishment having suffered a loss of 100 000 €. But new information was communicated since, and these last ones are very astonishing! Indeed, according to France Bleu Gascogne, an employee of the casino would be the number one suspect! This last one was placed in police custody and would have even confessed the facts which are reproached to him.

An employee of the casino of Mimizan suspected of having stolen 100 000 € from his employer

In March 2023, in the Landes region of France, €101,185 in cash was stolen from the Mimizan casino by a person who had presumably snuck into the roof of the establishment and knew a way to open its safe. Recently, France Bleu Gascogne informed us thatan employee of the Stelsia Casino Mimizan has been placed in police custody.

The suspect is a young man in his twenties who was arrested by the police on Wednesday, April 26. He is at high risk of being sentenced for aggravated theft. In order to gain access to the secure room of the casino where the safe is located, the individual removed part of the roof tiles, crossed the attic and broke the plasterboard.

The video surveillance images show that the man, hooded and gloved, needed only two minutes to execute his plan. In order to open the safe, the man simply used the key to the safe, which was hidden in a box whose location he presumably knew. Finally, the man fled on foot.

A plan with a loophole that investigators eventually exploited

If the young man was placed in custody, it is mainly because of his modus operandi. Indeed, the judicial police of Bayonne found fingerprints on the roof of the casino, a mistake that the thief will regret for a long time, the latter having allowed to incriminate him directly, without the shadow of a doubt.

In addition, the young man was not very discreet after the facts: he played in another casino, with a lot of money on him, a few days after the theft. In addition, he also bought a used car in exchange for €7,000 paid entirely in cash. The burglar was caught and confessed during the interrogation.

Olivier Janson, the prosecutor of Mont-de-Marsan, described the accused as a young man without any problems, who has no criminal record and is not facing any debts. At the young man’s home (he lives under the roof of his mother and stepfather), investigators found €85,000 in cash. The young man will be tried alongside his parents, who have also confessed to the facts and are being prosecuted for receiving stolen goods.

Kayleigh Williams