Choose between Biden and Trump?

Choose between Biden and Trump?

On November 5, 2024, more than 200 million U.S. citizens will be called to the polls to elect their president. So, we are a year and a half away from that date. And, if all is as it seems today, we will be witnessing a new duel between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.. It is true that nothing will be completely decided until the primaries are held in each party starting in February. But, for the time being, no one is overshadowing those who have already engaged in a no-prisoner duel in the historic 2020 elections.

Democrats take it for granted that Biden is not the providential and charismatic man capable of winning elections without giving the opponent a choice. But even some Republican analysts consider the president to be the most difficult adversary Donald Trump could face. First, because he already took the tycoon out of the White House three years ago. In other words, Biden has already been tested in the difficult task of standing up to an individual of Trump’s intractable and intractable demeanor, and winning. And something else, especially important: under Biden’s tenure, the Democratic Party will succeeded in slowing the momentum of Republican candidates supported by Trump in the midterm congressional elections in November 2022. And that means the Democratic base remains mobilized to prevent Trumpism from gaining shares of power and returning to the White House.

And yet, the doubt about the nominations persists. One of the reasons is age. Biden will turn 82 a few days after the 2024 election. If he were to win reelection, his term would end when he was 86. Trump is somewhat younger, but would also be an octogenarian when he finishes the four-year term, in 2028.

But there are more reasons not to write off the candidacies of both because. both of them are subject to judicial problems.whose outcome is difficult to predict. Biden’s has to do with his son Hunter, whose business dealings have been in question for years, although the current president already won the election in 2020 with his son in trouble.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally Thursday, April 27, 2023, in Manchester.

Trump’s case is even more problematicbecause the number of pending investigations is unlimited. Judges and prosecutors have him under close scrutiny, whether for his dalliances with women, his many shady business deals, his lies about imaginary thefts at the polls or the assault on the Capitol. To expect him to emerge unscathed from each and every one of these cases before the courts is too much to expect.

The other reality is that Biden has the assured hatred of almost half the country and Trump, that of the other half. That factor they share and it will again be decisive in 2024.

Kayleigh Williams