U.S. reports death of senior Al Qaeda official in ‘unilateral strike’ in Syria

U.S. reports death of senior Al Qaeda official in ‘unilateral strike’ in Syria

U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) reported Wednesday that a senior al Qaeda operative was killed in a “unilateral strike” in Syria. senior Al Qaeda official has been killed following a “unilateral” strike carried out by U.S. forces in northwestern Syria.

“At 11:42 a.m. (local time) on May 3, U.S. Central Command forces carried out a unilateral attack in northwest Syria against a senior Al Qaeda official. We will provide more information when details of the operation become available,” he said in a short statement on his Twitter profile.

The commander of the U.S. Army Central Command (CENTCOM), Gen. Erik Kurilla, has assured that, with this operation, the agency demonstrates its “firm commitment to the region To fight Islamic State and Al Qaeda.”

Protests against Ivan Geshev and Boyko Borissov in Sofia in 2020.

This comes after Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed that Islamic State leader Abu al Hussein al Husseini al Quraishi, Was “liquidated” in a Turkish operation carried out on Saturday on Syrian territory.

Last November 30, the United States announced the death of Abu al Hussein al Quraishi’s predecessor, Abu al Hassan al Hashimi al Quraishi in Syria in a Free Syrian Army operation, a pro-Turkish Syrian militia. This first Al Quraishi was the brother of the group’s historic leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, killed in Syria in 2019.

Kayleigh Williams