Trump’s defense seeks mistrial in rape trial, judge rejects it

Trump’s defense seeks mistrial in rape trial, judge rejects it

The defense team for former U.S. President Donald Trump today asked Judge Lewis Kaplan to declare a mistrial against his client, accused of rape and defamation by author E. Jean Carrollwhich was rejected by the judge. In Monday’s session, Kaplan has rejected the motion filed by Trump’s lawyer Joe Tacopina, who argued that the judge has made “unfair and prejudicial widespread” decisions against him during the process, journalists from specialized media reported from the courtroom.

According to Law and Crime Media, Kaplan has merely said that he was rejecting the request that had been left on his desk this morning. In a letter to the judge, Tacopina requests that in the event he does not dismiss the complaint, he at least and in the alternative correct his statements at any and all points where the Court has mischaracterized the facts of this case before the jury and that he “allow the defendant’s counsel greater ability to cross-examine the plaintiff and her witnesses.”

According to counsel, Kaplan’s interventions have “bolstered” Carroll’s testimony.who accuses the former president of having cornered and raped her in the fitting room of a luxury department store in 1987. She also sued him for defamation, because when in 2019 Carroll publicly stated that the then president had raped her, he disqualified her by saying that she was not his “type”, that it was all “a joke and a lie” and that what she was looking for was free fame to promote a book.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally Thursday, April 27, 2023, in Manchester.

Trump’s team, which is trying to prove That it is all a lie and that the writer is acting out of self-interestThe judge has taken an aggressive attitude in order to channel her defense. During the first sessions of the trial, which began on April 25, there has been a latent tension between the judge and the lawyers of the former president.

Kaplan has already twice brought Trump’s lawyers to the attention of Trump’s lawyers.for messages about the trial written by the former president on his social network Truth, and later by his son Eric Trump, for what could be considered interference in the process.

Kayleigh Williams