Eleventh cup for PSV after win over Ajax – Van Ginkel a guest on Studio Football

Eleventh cup for PSV after win over Ajax – Van Ginkel a guest on Studio Football

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Today is the cup final at the Rotterdam Kuip

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A summary of the cup final can be seen on Studio Voetbal, which can be seen on NPO 1 starting at 10:19 p.m.

In Studio Voetbal, presenter Sjoerd van Ramshorst receives this time Pierre van Hooijdonk, Rafael van der Vaart, Jeroen Stekelenburg and Vitesse player Marco van Ginkel.

Ajax-PSV in the picture, party at PSV

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    Party at PSV after cup win
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    Party at PSV after cup win
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    Joel Drommel with the cup

Ajax-PSV in picture, grief at Ajax

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    Ajax balks at losing cup final
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    John Heitinga balks at losing cup final
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    Dusan Tadic balks at losing cup final

PSV with the cup, presented by Berry van Aerle

PSV gets the cup

AJA-PSV | Match Report

Thorgan Hazard

PSV wins after penalty kicks over Ajax in cup final full of irritations and riots

PSV won the KNVB Cup for the 11th time after a tough and regularly irritating battle with Ajax in De Kuip. The Eindhoven natives were the strongest in the penalty shootout series. After regular playing time and extension, the score was 1-1.

There has been much talk in recent weeks about the misbehavior of soccer supporters. Given recent experience, the fear of a thrown cup on the field disrupting the match was well-founded. In this respect, the crowd was not to blame this time, but the players in particular showed their bad side.

AJA-PSV | PSV shoots! PSV wins the cup!

PSV penalty kick: Fábio Silva shoots off the mark, 3-2

Fabio Silva celebrates winning penalty

Ajax penalty kick: Edson Álvarez shoots straight at Drommel and misses! 2-2

AJA-PSV | PSV shoots!

PSV penalty kick: Anwar El Ghazi shoots hit, 2-2

AJA-PSV | Ajax shoots off!

Ajax penalty kick: Mika Godts shoots hit, 2-1

PSV penalty kick: Ibrahim Sangaré shoots at the post and misses! 1-1

Ajax penalty kick: Jurriën Timber shoots hard at the crossbar and misses! 1-1

PSV penalty kick: André Ramalho sees Rulli save and misses! 1-1

Ajax penalty kick: Brian Brobbey shoots high over and misses! 1-1

AJA-PSV | PSV shoots off!

PSV penalty kick: Thorgan Hazard shoots hit, 1-1

AJA-PSV | Ajax shoots off!

Ajax penalty kick: Dušan Tadic shoots hit, 1-0

The extension is over, we go to penalty kicks.

The last time the cup final was decided after penalty kicks was in 2009. Then sc Heerenveen managed to win the cup for the first and last time in club history by beating FC Twente.

AJA-PSV | 116′ Penalty kicks approaching?

The pipes are pretty empty for both teams and it looks more and more like this match will end in penalty kicks. At Ajax, youngsters Mika Godts and Silvano Vos have just entered the lines.

AJA-PSV | 112′ Still no shot on goal for Ajax

We are almost two hours into the game and Ajax have yet to take a shot on goal. In fact, Bergwijn’s shot from which the 1-0 resulted pretty much went towards the corner flag before Branthwaite touched the ball. PSV put the enemy goal under fire five times.

AJA-PSV | 106′ Final Quarter

Whatever happens, the last 15 minutes of play have arrived. Will there be a winner or will we go to penalties?

Joel Drommel

The first half of the extension is now over. Apart from some rioting, how could it be otherwise, there was nothing going on in this quarter.

AJA-PSV | Former director of FC Groningen is clear

AJA-PSV | 91′ Here we go!

Who will walk away with the cup? We’ll know after another thirty minutes. Unless there are penalty kicks of course.

AJA-PSV | 90+3′ We’re going to extend!

After the first half it was hoped that this match would be decided within ninety minutes, but the soccer got a little better after halftime. We will continue for at least another half hour in Rotterdam.

AJA-PSV | 90′ Extension coming up?

It doesn’t look like this match is going to get another decision so we’re going to extend. We get three minutes of injury time.

AJA-PSV | 78′ Simons with the chance!

Alvarez slips away, giving Simons a great chance for the 1-2. However, his volley goes hard on Rulli’s legs. Although there is still a lot of whining here and there, the second half is a bit livelier than the first. Whether that will result in a winner in regular playing time is hard to say. After all, there is still no good soccer.


It is equal again in Rotterdam. Simons keeps the ball well to himself in a crowded penalty area and delivers the cross. Substitute Hazard gets well in front of his man and taps the 1-1.

Hazard celebrates the 1-1

AJA-PSV | 54′ No goals Ramalho and Brobbey

The second half started as the first ended. Sloppy and with a lot of fuss. Ramalho seems to shoot PSV to equalize, but does so in an offside position. At the other end, a life-size chance for Brobbey, who can work the ball into an empty goal, but miraculously shoots at the post.

AJA-PSV | 46′ Second half started, Rensch inside the lines

We continue again in Rotterdam. At Ajax, Devyne Rensch comes into the lines for Sanchez. Rensch has been struggling with a thigh injury since mid-March and can play (at least) a half again.

AJA-PSV | Doing Diazepam?

For the neutral viewer, this match is one that will not last long. The game does lie still very often and at every opportunity the players fly at each other’s throats. Tadic and De Jong run the hardest towards Higler every time.

Furthermore, it has suddenly gone fast with the yellow cards. Sanchez, Alvarez and Bergwijn are the Ajacians with tickets. At PSV, De Jong and Teze have been ticketed.


At the moment PSV became dangerous a few times on one side it is Ajax that scores on the other side. Bergwijn gets the ball from Tadic, plays off a defender and shoots in via Branthwaite’s leg.

Steven Bergwijn celebrates Ajax’s 1-0.

AJA-PSV | 30′ Card for Sanchez

That’s where Higler needs to step in. Where fifteen minutes ago the Ajaciens were furious when the ball didn’t go out of bounds on an injury to Brobbey, they themselves play on calmly when Luuk de Jong lies hurt on the pitch. PSV conquers the ball and at the moment Simons wants to play the ball out, he gets a swipe from Sanchez. That earns him a yellow card.

For good soccer, one does not have to turn on this pot yet. Struggle is certainly there, so that compensates a bit.

Veerman sends Teze away with a fine pass down the right. Then the cross that is missed by everyone except Simons. His effort, however, goes high over. Luuk de Jong seemed to be pulled to the ground, but referee Higler didn’t see anything wrong here either.

Higler is clear, he can’t be fooled today. A good signal, as both teams pull out all the stops. Almost every decision is contradicted by several players, and there have already been a few riots.

AJA-PSV | 19′ Finally some excitement.

Klaassen enters the penalty area after a pass from Tadic. There is slight contact with Til, but Klaassen’s tumble is certainly not worth a penalty kick.

AJA-PSV | Obviously also on the radio

The match between PSV and Ajax can, of course, also be followed live via Langs de Lijn. Andy Houtkamp and Frank Wielaard are the commentators.

PSV-AJA | 10′ Still little action

Fireworks for the finale

Not much has happened yet in Rotterdam, where it is obviously still 0-0. Two riots have been the meager “highlights” at De Kuip so far.

PSV-AJA | 1′ The ball is rolling!

The final of the KNVB Cup has begun! PSV has kicked off, after some delay due to smoke caused by some fireworks set off.

PSV-AJA | Fifteen minutes to go

All supporters are in their seats, both teams have had their warm up and are now heading to the locker room. Just a few more minutes and then the battle will break loose!


PSV-AJA | Simons measures up to talents like Pedri, Gavi and Saka: ‘Shouldn’t keep us small’

Xavi Simons scores during PSV-Ajax

“Ronald Koeman needs to start building Oranje around Xavi Simons.” That was about three months ago at the table at Studio Soccer Rafael van der Vaart’s message to the national coach. For his part, Koeman recently responded at the same table, “To hang that card around someone’s neck right now, I thought was going a little too far.”

Although the 20-year-old PSV player, who plays the cup final against Ajax with the Eindhoveners tonight (kickoff 6 p.m.), has only made three appearances for the Dutch national team, the discussion about his potential, which is not new, is fueled by his impressive performance in his first premier league season.

PSV-AJA | Outlook: PSV feel no favorite for cup final: ‘I expect very different Ajax’

PSV don’t need favorites for cup final against Ajax: ‘That’s not what we’re about’

Sunday’s spacious 3-0 victory in the premier league has obviously given PSV confidence. Still, the Eindhoven team does not feel like favorites for the new confrontation with Ajax in the cup final, coach Ruud van Nistelrooij and captain Luuk de Jong said in chorus.

“Whether we are favorites? I leave that up to you,” Van Nistelrooij told reporters at the press conference. “We are only preparing as optimally as possible. That’s what it’s all about for us.”

Striker De Jong also does not see his team as favorites Sunday at De Kuip. “That’s very hard to say in games like this. We focus on what we can do.”

PSV-AJA | Lineup PSV: ‘Cup keeper’ Drommel in the starting lineup

Formation of PSV

PSV-AJA | Lineup Ajax: Brobbey in the striker

Setup Ajax

Dutch success across the border: Van Bommel wins Belgian cup

Van Bommel has won first prize with Antwerp

Mark van Bommel has secured his first prize as coach of Antwerp. His team won the Belgian Cup final 2-0 over KV Mechelen in Brussels.

Antwerp gained the lead when Jurgen Ekkelenkamp was floored and Vincent Janssen took the penalty in the 35th minute. Just after halftime, Ekkelenkamp overlooked the completely free Calvin Stengs, shot himself and saw his effort fly wide.

Soccer violence increases, more and more stewards drop out: ‘Situation alarming’

Stewards drop out of soccer clubs

Stewards are increasingly turning their backs on professional soccer. The aggression and violence of recent times are an important reason to quit. Clubs that see their stewards drop out have the greatest difficulty recruiting new recruits.

This is according to interviews conducted by NOS with club directors, municipalities and security specialists in soccer. To step in for the stewards, the KNVB is working on a national steward campaign.

AJA-PSV | Now be careful with that thing!

AJA-PSV | Some facts in a row

– Ajax and PSV met four times in the final. Ajax won in 1970, 1998 and 2006. In that last game, Ajax coach John Heitinga was still playing for Ajax, which won 2-1 (two goals from former PSV player Klaas-Jan Huntelaar). PSV won last year’s fourth edition 2-1 (Ryan Gravenberch 0-1, Erick Gutiérrez 1-1, Cody Gakpo 2-1).

– In total, Ajax and PSV met 14 times in the cup tournament. Ajax won nine times and PSV won four times.

– In the league this season, PSV won both duels with Ajax. In the Arena it was 1-2, in Eindhoven last Sunday 3-0.

– This season PSV also beat Ajax in the battle for the Johan Cruijff bowl: 5-3 with three goals by Guus Til.

– Ajax coach Heitinga scored the first (2001 at Volendam) and last (2015 against De Graafschap) goal of his player’s career in the cup tournament.

– PSV coach Ruud van Nistelrooij lost in the final with PSV in 2001. Twente took the penalties better after the 0-0.W el he won both the FA Cup (2004) and the League Cup (2006) with Manchester United.

– Steven Bergwijn and backup goalkeeper Remko Pasveer of Ajax played for PSV. The reverse is true for Anwar El Ghazi. Ajacied Kenneth Taylor is suspended.

Former soccer player Yuri Petrov died at age 48

Yuri Petrov

Former soccer player Yuri Petrov has died. The striker, who played in the premier league for RKC Waalwijk and FC Twente, was only 48 years old.

Petrov was a left winger who, despite his great talent, never made it beyond the Dutch sub-top. The Ukrainian-born Petrov did still appear in action for various youth selections of Russia.

Initially, Petrov was on Louis van Gaal’s radar, but he eventually chose Finidi George as the new winger.

AJA-PSV | PSV: Road to the final

Luuk de Jong and Ruud van Nistelrooij pose with the KNVB cup

AJA-PSV | Ajax: Road to the final

Dusan Tadi and John Heitinga with the KNVB cup

Today the final of the KNVB cup is on the program. At 6 p.m. Ajax and PSV kick off in the Rotterdam Kuip to determine who wins this year’s cup.

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