The Partouche Group celebrated its 50th anniversary in style at the Bandol casino

On Saturday, April 22, Groupe Partouche, the number two casino in France, celebrated its half-century of existence. Indeed, a big birthday party open to the public was organized at the Bandol casino, in the Var department. And we can say that the establishment managed and exploited by Partouche was transformed into a real place of spectacle and magic!

Partouche’s 50th anniversary: the Bandol casino converted into a party place

The Partouche Group, founded in 1973, has blew out its fiftieth candle on April 22nd. To celebrate the event, a big party was held at the Grand Casino de Bandol, which was open to all. Visitors had the opportunity to discover one of the historic buildings of the city of Var, and could enjoy the exceptional view that was offered to them.

Built in 1930, the Bandol casino is indeed located a few meters from the beach and offers an incredible view of the eponymous bay located between the town and the island of Bendor. But that’s not all, a festive program of the great days was concocted by Partouche, and everyone was able to enjoy it: bartenders, musical groups, DJs, entertainment and other activities punctuated the great birthday party of Groupe Partouche!

On the spot, the casino’s clients, while playing a game of slot machines (the Grand Casino de Bandol has 170 in total), were able to eat from the festive buffet planned for the occasion, knowing that a tapas bar and a giant cake also allowed the most greedy to fill their appetite. During the tastings, the guests were able to admire magic shows and stilt walkers; just to show that Partouche has really gone all out!

A special 50th anniversary poker tournament and an exceptional atmosphere

A special 50th anniversary poker tournament was held and was much more well attended than we expected! “, explained Corinne Sanchez, Partouche marketing manager, at the end of the evening, before continuing: ” The artists put on a show all evening, our customers seem to have had a great time, and then the highlight of the show, the fireworks from the roof of the casino, will go down in history ! “.

Finally, in order to keep a unforgettable memory of the 50th anniversary of Groupe Partouchethe Grand Casino of Bandol had put at the disposal of the visitors a photographic cabin (or Photo Booth) allowing them to take 360° selfies. ” We wanted to develop new animations for this great evening. The services offered should remain in the memories of our guests “, ended Corinne Sanchez.

Kayleigh Williams