“Shakira is making it hard on herself.”

“Shakira is making it hard on herself.”

Barely a month after Shakira left Barcelona to move to Miami, USA, her ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, has arrived at the singer’s new place of residence to reunite with her children. However, the situation between the parents has become tense again: the ex-footballer has problems with Sasha and Milan’s visitation regime, reports Divinitywhose custody is held by the mother.

This was established by Shakira and Piqué in the complex agreement they made after their separation. Then, both decided that the children would leave Spain with their mother to start a new stage so that they could “continue with their life in a safe, quiet environment and with the necessary privacy”.

Gerard Piqué, for his part, decided to continue living in his hometown, so they had to also agree on a visitation regime that would allow him to maintain contact with the minors. Thus, they decided that the father would have ten days each month to be able to be with them.

In addition, the children will be able to enjoy Pique’s company on holidays and celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter, as well as most of the summer months.which were divided in a 70% – 30% ratio in favor of the athlete.


However, the father is finding himself with. certain complications in carrying out his visits, starting from the 7,542.98 kilometers that separate the family. In this sense, the distance could mean that this dynamic cannot be maintained over time.

In this way they tell it from Mamarazzis, where they assure that “Gerard Piqué finally will not be able to spend those ten days with his children as stipulated in the agreement because. Shakira has made things quite difficult for him. for him to be able to do it.

And the fact is that last April 2 was the last day that the father and his children saw each other, those two days being part of the ten days stipulated in the agreement. For this reason, now Piqué will not be able to spend ten full days with Sasha and Milan, as he had planned.

Likewise, in view of the difficulties generated by the distance, the athlete could have reached another agreement with the artist so that he could “to spend less days with them than the ones established in the agreement”.. Although, even so, he may be rethinking the purchase of a property in Florida to avoid these situations.

Kayleigh Williams