U.S. welcomes 72-hour extension of ceasefire in Sudan

U.S. welcomes 72-hour extension of ceasefire in Sudan

U.S. Secretary of State, Antony Blinkencelebrated Thursday the announcement that the parties to the conflict in Sudan agreed to extend a truce by 72 hours. to facilitate the evacuation of foreign residents and the arrival of humanitarian aid.

“Together with our international and regional allies, we encourage the two groups to commit to ending the conflict and to ensure unrestricted humanitarian access,” Blinken said in a message on his Twitter account.

In addition, in a joint communiqué with the African Union, the United Nations and the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, among others, The U.S. has welcomed the willingness of the two warring groups to engage in dialogue “with a view to ceasing hostilities”.

“This initial phase of diplomacy to establish a process leading to a full cessation of hostilities and humanitarian agreements will contribute to the development of a de-escalation plan,” the brief has assured.

The Sudanese Army and the powerful paramilitary group Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which have been at loggerheads since 15 Aprilhave agreed to a 72-hour extension of the trucewhich would have expired at midnight.

The Sudanese Army has confirmed shortly after midnight its adherence to the truce with the Rapid Response Forces (RSF) brokered by the United States on Monday evening, but in turn accused the RSF of breaking the ceasefire with attacks near Khartoum.

In a statement, the RSF has indicated that this extension was reached. with the mediation of the United States and Saudi Arabia. to “calm the situation”.

The extension of the truce Will go into effect immediately after expiration of this midnight. the previous 72-hour armistice – also brokered by the United States – and which has largely not been respected.

Fighting broke out on April 15 in the midst of a political process for put an end to the coup jointly perpetrated in 2021. by the FAR and the Army and put the African country back on the democratic path.

So far, the conflict has resulted in the death of more than 512 civilians and more than 4,000 wounded.according to the Sudanese Ministry of Health, which notes that the death toll could be much higher.

Military vehicles destroyed in southern Khartoum, Sudan, Thursday, April 20, 2023.

Kayleigh Williams